Cross-institutional study

You can study a unit offered at UNE to count towards your degree at another university using cross-institutional study. Most units offered at UNE are available to eligible students on a cross-institutional basis.

Units undertaken on a cross-institutional basis must count towards the course you are enrolled in at your home university.

Find out about the Regional Universities Network (RUN), a network that formally offers cross-institutional units of study that contribute to a range of different degrees.

Important information

ALL cross-institutional applicants must attach a completed UNE Home Provider Endorsement Form to their application.

An approval letter for cross-institutional study from your Home University is not sufficient, unless it includes ALL of the required information on the UNE Home Provider Endorsement Form.

If the cross-institutional units have prerequisites, then you must also attach a copy of an official transcript to show that you meet these prerequisites.

Check your units for any prerequisites or restrictions using the course search.

Once you have obtained the required documents to support your application, you may apply using the Apply Now button below. Please remember to attach the scanned copies of your documents to your application.


For cross-institutional admission:  

Online Application — Apply Online

International students should apply through UNE International.