Other costs on campus

Aside from your tuition fees, there are a number of other costs involved with studying in Australia. Some of the additional things you'll need to pay for are:

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Text books
  • Stationery, computer and printing costs
  • Medical costs
  • Entertainment

A guide on some of the additional costs on campus is available in the 'campus Life' section of this website.

Student visa living costs and evidence of funds

To get your student visa you must show evidence that you can contribute to the cost of living and studying in Australia. This helps to ensure students are better able to make the most of their studies and have a safe and enjoyable experience in Australia.

While you can earn additional money through part-time work, the 'living costs' requirement helps to ensure you don't have to rely on such work to meet all your expenses.

Under these regulations prospective student visa applicants and their family members must have access to the following funds to meet the living costs requirements:

  • A$18,610 a year for the main student;
  • A$6,515 a year for the student's partner;
  • A$3,720 a year for the student's first child; and
  • A$2,790 a year for every other child and where required.

You must demonstrate that the funds you are relying upon to meet the costs of studying in Australia will be genuinely available to you during their stay in Australia.

Actual costs can vary significantly depending on where you live. You should be prepared in case your living costs are greater than the indicated figures.

Find out more about Evidence of Funds requirements on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website.