Non-Award Law Units at UNE

UNE offers individual units of study in Law for overseas trained professionals who wish to practise in Australia.

The majority of non-award law units are offered in one trimester per year – either Trimester 1 (February - June) or Trimester 2 (June - October). Limited subjects may also be offered in Trimester 3 (October-January). Students need to check unit commencement dates before submitting an application. For more information, you can check out the different non-award law units PDF document (PDF, 28.54 KB)

New South Wales Jurisdiction

UNE offers bridging courses for overseas trained Legal Practitioners who wish to practise law in New South Wales, Australia.

A person who has attained legal qualifications overseas is required to apply for recognition of qualifications to the New South Wales Legal Profession Admission Board. The Board will assess the qualification and recommend a course of study that will enable admission to practice Law in New South Wales.

All non-award law units are only offered by distance education. International students studying via distance education are not eligible to study in Australia on a student visa.

Further information on overseas recognised qualifications and how to apply can be found through the Legal Profession Admission Board website.

Other Jurisdictions

Please be aware that UNE only offers units to meet the Legal Profession Admission Board of New South Wales. If you intend to gain admission in another Australian jurisdiction, you will need to verify with that State or Territory's Admission Board whether the units offered at UNE will also meet their academic requirements.