Other Restrictions and Requirements

There may be other restrictions and requirements that apply to you or the course you would like to study.

Program restrictions and requirements

Certain degree programs may have additional entry requirements, such as pre-requisite courses or higher levels of English language skills. This information is usually listed under the 'Course Rules and Plans' tab in the Courses and Units Catalogue.

You should also check the current International Student Prospectus as this will have further information specific for international students.

Note: some degree programs may not be available to international students.

Students under 18 years old

If you are under 18, unfortunately you can not apply to a degree program at UNE. However you can study at the English Language Centre.

Australian Law requires international students under 18 years of age to appoint a guardian while they are in Australia prior to being issued with a Student Visa. You must provide evidence of guardianship when you complete and return your acceptance documents for your English Language Centre course.

Further information regarding the visa processing requirements for students under 18 is located on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.