Dr Stephen Bosi

Senior Lecturer in Physics - School of Science and Technology

Stephen Bosi

Phone: +61 2 6773 3436

Email: stephen.bosi@une.edu.au


Stephen Bosi's scientific career began at UNSW where he completed a BSc with a double major in physics and chemistry (Honours in chemistry) and a PhD in condensed matter physics (crystal growth and properties of superconducting yttrium barium cuprate).

He taught physics at the UWS Macarthur for 18 months. He spent roughly a decade conducting research in optical and electronic phenomena, especially solar energy & sustainable technology at UTS, ANSTO and USyd.  He was lecturer in physics at USyd for two years.

At the Radiation Oncology Dept, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, he conducted four years of medical physics research (including 3‑dimensional dosimetry and CT scan reconstruction algorithms).

He is distracted from research by educational and public science presentations. He has appeared on ABC Radio and TV (including "Sleek Geeks", "Catalyst" and "FAQ"). He was the joint-lead author of the series of high school physics textbooks, "In2 Physics @ Preliminary" (2009) ISBN 9780733989445 and "In2 Physics @ HSC" (2010) ISBN 9780733991738, Pearson Australia.




  • Member of the Australian Institute of Physics
  • Associate Member of the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine

Teaching Areas

  • PHYS100 Introductory Physics
  • PHYS131 Applied Physics I
  • PHYS132 Applied Physics II
  • PHYS204 Electromagnetism 1
  • ASTY221 Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Special Topic: Solar Energy

Research Interests

  • Solar energy and Sustainable Technology
  • Medical physics
  • Plasma-based neutron source


Selected Publications

Davies J.B., Bosi S.G. and Baldock C., A genipin-gelatin gel dosimeter for radiation processing,  Radn Phys, Chem. 81 1263–1265, 2012.

Bathgate S. N. and Bosi S.G., A robust convection cover material for selective radiative cooling applications, Sol. Energ. Mat. Sol. Cells 95 2778–2785, 2011.

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Bosi S.G., Brown S., Sarabipour S., De Deene Y. and Baldock C.,  Modelling optical scattering artefacts for varying pathlength in a gel dosimeter phantom,  Phys. Med. Biol. 54 275-283, 2009.

Bosi S.G., Hayes J., Large M.C.J. and Poladian L., Colour, iridescence and thermoregulation in Lepidoptera,  Appl. Opt. 47, 5235-5241, 2008.

Bosi S.G., Naseri P., Puran A., Davies J. and Baldock C., Initial investigation of a novel light-scattering gel phantom for evaluation of optical CT scanners for radiotherapy gel dosimetry, Phys. Med. Biol. 52, 2893-2903, 2007.

Shrier O., Khachan J. and Bosi S., A Markov chain approach to modelling charge exchange processes of an ion beam in monotonically increasing or decreasing potentials, J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 39 11119-11128, 2006.

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Khorasani A.N., Taylor K.N.R. and Bosi S.G., The Relationship between the Twin Structure and Optical Domains in Single Crystal YBa2Cu3O7‑d. J. Cryst. Growth 98 461, 1989.