Dr Mark Trotter

Senior Lecturer, School of Environmental & Rural Science; School of Science & Technology; Precision Agriculture Research Group

Mark Trotter

Phone: +61 2 6773 2465

Email: mtrotter@une.edu.au


Mark Trotter is a Research Lecturer in Precision Agriculture within the School of Science and Technology at the University of New England (UNE). Mark is a leading member of the UNE Precision Agriculture Research Group and CRC for Spatial Information. Mark's research interests focus on spatio-temporal variability in agricultural systems and the development of sensors and management techniques that enable producers to increase production and efficiency in the face of variation found in animals, plants and landscapes.
Mark has extensive experience in the application of autonomous spatial livestock monitoring systems having developed the UNEtracker GPS device. Mark has undertaken research in a number of fields including spatial monitoring of livestock in relation to landscape utilisation, behavioural modelling, shelter utilisation and disease detection. He also has experience in the development and application of remote and proximal biomass sensing devices with specific experience in the application of Active Optical Sensors to monitor pastures and grasslands.
Mark was recently awarded an Australian Government Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry Science and Innovation Award for his work in spatial livestock monitoring. Mark is driven by the need to see research reach the end user and regularly works with producers to deliver industry relevant tools.


BRurSc, PhD

Research Interests


Selected Publications

Barnes P., Wilson B.R., Trotter M.G., Lamb D.W., Reid, N. and Koen. T., The patterns of grazed pasture associated with scattered trees across an Australian temperate landscape: an investigation of pasture quantity and quality, The Rangeland Journal 33:121-130, 2011.

Taylor D.B., Schneider D.A., Brown W.Y., Price I.R., Trotter M.G., Lamb D.W. and Hinch, G.N., GPS observation of shelter utilization by merino ewes, Animal Production Science 51:724-737, 2011.

Lamb D.W., Schneider D.A., Trotter M.G., Schaefer M.T. and Yule I.J., Extended-altitude, aerial mapping of crop NDVI using an active optical sensor: A case study using a RaptorTM sensor over Wheat, Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 77: 69-73, 2011.

Trotter M.G., Lamb D.W., Donald G.E. and Schneider D.A., Evaluating an active optical sensor for quantifying and mapping green herbage mass and growth in a perennial grass pasture, Crop and Pasture Science 61, 389-398, 2010.

Trotter M.G., Lamb D.W., Hinch G.N. and Guppy C.N., Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) livestock tracking: system development and data interpretation, Animal Production Science 50, 616–623, 2010.