G H R Horsley

Professor of Classics and Ancient History - School of Humanities

G H R Horsley

Phone: +61 2 6773 2390

Email: ghorsley@une.edu.au


PhD (MQU), BA Hons I (USyd)


Association international d'épigraphie grecque et latine
Association internationale de papyrologues
Australasian Society for Classical Studies (Former President)
Australian Academy of the Humanities, Elected Fellow
Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens
Australian Institute of Archaeology, Life Member
British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara
Society for the Study of Early Christianity, Macquarie University, Founding Member
Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, Elected Member

Teaching Areas

ANCH110Introduction to Ancient Greece
ANCH111 Introduction to Ancient Rome
ANCH305/505 Greek Democracy and its Enemies
CLLA101 Introduction to Classical Languages
CLLA102 Classical Languages Through Reading
CLLA201 Intermediate Classical Languages
CLLA202 Intermediate Classical Texts
CLLA301 Advanced Classical Languages
CLLA302 Advanced Classical texts
CLLA303 Classical Prose Texts
CLLA304 Classical Verse Texts
CLAS401H Classics Honours Coursework
CLAS402H Classics Honours Dissertation
GREK401H Greek Honours Coursework
GREK402H Greek Honours Dissertation
LATN401H Latin Honours Coursework
LATN402H Latin Honours Dissertation

Research Interests

Professor Horsley's interests include Greek literature (especially drama) historians, social and political history, inscriptions especially from Asia Minor, as well as papyrology and palaeography, religious cults in the Hellenistic world, and the early Christian movement. The overarching focus of Professor Horsley's research interest is in post-Classical Greek, which intersects with fieldwork undertaken in Turkey, where he built up knowledge of Greek and Latin Epigraphy in Asia Minor, as well as papyrological interests. The rise of Christianity (and contemporary Judaism) in its first few centuries is an intrinsic part of this focus, linguistically and historically. These interests all come together in his main project, a lexicon of the New Testament based on epigraphic and papyrological texts. Work on Galen and some other writers of the Second Sophistic is also fundamental for perspective in developing the lexicon, in order to address the question of linguistic register in texts of the Roman imperial period.


Selection of Publications

2012    Galen, Method of Medicine, 3 vols, Loeb Classical Library, Cambridge Mass. 2011 [co-author I. Johnston]

2008    The Greek and Latin inscriptions in the Burdur Archaeological Museum, British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara Monograph 34; RECAM 5; London 2007.

2003    The Greek of the New Testament. Linguistic essays with the contribution of inscriptions and papyri, University of Thessaloniki Press, Thessaloniki 2003. [In Greek]

2000    The Inscriptions of Central Pisidia (Inschriften griechischer Städte aus Kleinasien 57; Bonn, Habelt, 2000 [co-author S. Mitchell]

1999    Homer in Pisidia.  Degrees of literateness in a backwoods province of the Roman Empire, University of New England, Armidale 1999.

1999    The Rider God steles at Burdur Museum in Turkey, The Third Museum of Antiquities Maurice Kelly Lecture; Armidale 1999.

1976-89 New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity. A Review of the Greek Inscriptions and Papyri, North Ryde; repr. USA)

Selection of Grants and Awards

2011    Senior Scholar in Residence, Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute, Nicosia
2003    Commonwelath of Australia Centenary Medal
1999    Senior Visiting Fellow, Centre for Hellenic Studies, Washington
1986/5 Macquarie University Research Fellow

Research Supervision Experience

Professor Horsley has supervised and assessed a variety of doctoral, masters, and honours research theses. A selection of the research supervised includes:

2010  Pagan Angels (MPhil, UNE)
2008  Textual criticism of canonical and non-canonical Christian texts in ADII (Doctorate, UNE)
2008  A critical biography of G.A. Deissmann, 1866-1937 (Doctorate, UNE)
2005  The order of the books in Aristotle's Politics (Hons, UNE)
2004  Linguistic Politeness theory as applied to two papyrus archives (Hons, UNE)
2004  The Persian Wars from the Persian Perspective (Hons, UNE)
2003  Galen on diseases and symptoms: their classification and causation (Doctorate, UNE)
2003  Silence as a dramatic device in Sophoclean Tragedy (BA Hons, UNE)
2001  The Lost Shepherd. Aspects of New Testament canon formation (MLitt, UNE)
1996  Mithraic syncretism? Mithras' relation with other pagan deities in Late Antiquity (Hons UNE)

Further Information

2014School of Humanities Research Committee, UNE
2013Academic Promotions Committee, UNE
2012-President UNE Alumni Association, Armidale Chapter
2003-Library Liaison Officer, Classics and Ancient History, UNE
1996-2009Chair, Museum of Antiquities Committee