Dr Vicente Reyes

Lecturer, Social Science Education - School of Education

Vicente Reyes

Phone: +61 0267733988

Email: vicente.reyes@une.edu.au


Dr Vicente Chua Reyes, Jr. is a Lecturer, with the School of Education, University of New England, Australia. He is co-editor of the Policy and Leadership Studies Working Papers Series of the National Institute of Education (Singapore). He is a Fellow of the Centre for Chinese Studies of the Republic of China (Taiwan), the National Taiwan Normal University and the University of Macau (China). He is also a Visiting Academic at the Institute of Education, University of London. Vicente has experience in educational settings spanning Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, the UK and the US. Vicente used to be a Teaching/School Principal for an elementary and high school in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Vicente taught humanities in high school (Philippines and Singapore) and in elementary school levels (Philippines and Spain). Trained as a political scientist, his current research interests are in young people’s conceptions of political interest and civic participation. He also pursues research inquiries into educational leadership, issues of corruption and governance and educational reform.


PhD (Political Science), National University of Singapore
MA (Hon) Social Science, University of New South Wales
Master of Public Administration (MPA), University of the Philippines


Executive Committee Member, Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS)

Consultancy Interests

2016 - Right to Education Index (RTEI) Pilot Questionnaire/Report (Philippine reviewer) – RESULTS Educational Fund, (Dec 2016)
2015 - Positive Leadership for Academic Officers –UNICEF-funded training programme for academics from The Royal University of Bhutan (Jan-Feb 2015)
2014 - Positive Leadership for Education Officers – AusAID-funded training programme for Department of Education staff of Aceh, Indonesia (Oct-Nov 2014)
2009 - Education Evaluation Specialist Consultant – AusAID – Strengthening Implementation of Visayas Education (STRIVE) Independent Progress Review (July 2009) Philippines
2009 - Educational Research Consultant – Bahrain Teachers’ College – University of Bahrain, (June 2009) Kingdom of Bahrain
2009 - Performance Appraisal Consultant – Ministry of Education – (April 2009) Kingdom of Bahrain
2009 - Development Education Consultant – AusAID – Independent Peer Reviewer (Feb-March 2009) Singapore

Teaching Areas

Research Methodologies (Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed Methods)
Educational Policy Analysis
Social Sciences (Public Policy, Administration, Government)

Research Interests

Education reform, governance and anti-corruption in education
Educational policy and leadership
Information Communication Technology (ICT) in education



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Book Chapters

Reyes, V.  (2016).“Dysfunctional Bureaucracy, Corruption and Weak Rule of Law: A Case Study of Policy Implementation in the Philippines”, in Jon Quah (ed), The Role of the Public Bureaucracy in Policy Implementation in Five ASEAN Countries. pp. 233-296, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Journal Articles

Reyes, V, Masters, Y, Clary, D, Betlem, E, Jones, M, Charteris, J, Kivunja, C, Rizk, N, and Sigauke, A. (2016). Writing for publication group: professional development situated in the interstices of academia and performativity. Reflective Practice: International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives, 17(4), 444-455.

Charteris, J., Quinn, F., Parkes, M.,  Fletcher, P. and Reyes, V. (2015). e-Assessment for Learning (eAfL) in higher education: is it a wolf in sheep’s clothing? with Charteris, J., Quinn, F., Parkes, M., and Fletcher, P. Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, 9 (2015), 1-24.

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Keynote Addresses and Invited Talks

Reyes, V. (2016, April). Mapping the Terrain of Educational Reforms in the Philippines: Keynote Address presented at the Teacher Education Colloquy, University of Santo Tomas, College of Education, Manila, Philippines.

Reyes, V. (2016, April). Qualitative Research, Invited Lecture organized by the University of Santo Tomas, College of Education. 26 April, Manila, Philippines.

Reyes, V. (2015, November). Teacher Education Reform in the Philippines. Keynote Paper presented at the Australian International Journal of Rural Education Invited Symposium, Society for the Provision of Rural Education (SPERA), Deakin University, Australia.

Reyes, V. (2013, Feb). “Critical Reflections on Singapore’s Education Reform Initiatives”, Plenary address, 2nd International Mathematics Conference, Manila, Philippines

Reyes, V. (2012, Nov). “What the British Examination System Can Learn from Singapore? Reflections from a Comparative Educationist”, Keynote address, Independent Academies Association National Autumn Conference, London.

Reyes, V. (2012, Nov). “Leadership and Raising School Standards: The Singapore Case Study,” Invited talk, British Council and The Chinese Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), Beijing.

Reyes, V. (2011, July). From Good to Great – Quality Assurance in Education and Comparative Perspectives on Leadership and Teaching: Lessons from Singapore and Taiwan, Lecture organized by the Taiwan Centre for Chinese Studies and the National Taiwan Normal University. 29 July, Taipei, Taiwan. 

Reyes, V. (2011, June). Singapore and Taiwan: Education Stakeholders Response to Globalization, Lecture organized by the National Taiwan Normal University. 21 June, Taipei, Taiwan.  http://epaper.cere.ntnu.edu.tw/index.php?id=539

Reyes, V. (2010, May). Challenges, Paradoxes and the Promise of Philippine Education, Paper Presented at the Leadership Retreat organized by the National Institute of Education, Ateneo de Manila University and Temasek Foundation . 19-21 May, Philippines.

Reyes, V. (2010, May). Stakeholders in Education, Paper Presented at the Leadership Retreat organized by the National Institute of Education, Ateneo de Manila University and Temasek Foundation . 19-21 May, Philippines.


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Working Papers

Reyes, V., Kang T. and Hogan D., (2015). “Construction of Political Society and Political Interest in Secondary Students in Singapore” PLS Working Papers Series, No. 14. Retrieved from https://plsworkingpapers.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/pls-working-paper-series-141.pdf

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Media Coverage

Faughery, D. (2015). Leading School Change in Singapore [Interview with Dr Vicente Reyes]. International Education Network. Retrieved from http://internationalednews.com/2015/10/21/leading-school-change-in-singapore/

Chua, P. (2014). Focus on the Philippines [Interview with Dr Vicente Reyes]. International Education Network. Retrieved from http://internationalednews.com/2014/09/09/focus-on-the-philippines/


2015-University of New England, School of Education-Education and Impact on Student Outcomes Research Network Grant (AUD$2,300) [Principal Investigator “School Leadership and Student Outcomes Project: A Case Study of the Northern Tablelands Network” (ongoing)]

2014-University of New England, School of Education –e-Learning/e-Pedagogies Research Network Grant” (AUD$1,350) [Principal Investigator “Stakeholders in ICT education”] (completed in 2014)

2012-National Institute of Education-Singapore-Office of Education Research, Start-up Grant (SUG) (AUD $4,146) [Principal Investigator “ICT Learning in Schools: Exploratory Study of Policy Learning and Diffusion among Education Leaders”] (completed in 2013)

2010-Academic Research Fund (AcRF) Tier 3, Ministry of Education, Singapore (AUD $861,073)[Co-Principal Investigator “Leadership and Organizational Change”](completed in 2014)

2009-Temasek Foundation, Singapore (AUD $8,610)[Principal Investigator “Leaders in Education in Asia Program (LEAP) Philippines”] (completed in 2013)