Dr Stephen Kelly

Lecturer in English, Literacies and Language Education - School of Education

Stephen Kelly

Phone: +61 +61 2 6773 1897

Email: skelly56@une.edu.au


Stephen was awarded his PhD from the Queensland University of Technology in July of 2015. He began his career as a Drama and English teacher and has worked as a consultant in the areas of literacy, English and leading learning. Stephen has focused on action research into leading literacy for school improvement, and critical approaches to reading and pedagogy, with a particular emphasis on culturally responsive pedagogies and arts based approaches. He is interested in the role of research in the work of both teachers and students. Stephen’s research agenda focuses on the possibilities of democratic education, bridging interests in both the philosophy and sociology of education. Drawing on principles of democratic learning, such as Foucault’s concept of parrhésia, Stephen is keen to see how learners can be encouraged to be fearless speakers to claims to truth.


PhD, MEd, BEd, DipT.


Australian Association for Research in Education
Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia
Australian Literacy Educators Association
Australian Association for the Teaching of English
Australian Curriculum Studies Association

Consultancy Interests

Leadership of pedagogy and curriculum
Instructional Rounds
Professional learning using action research and design based research approaches

Teaching Areas

English; Literacy.

Research Interests

Policy Sociology
Philosophy and Politics of Education
Pedagogy and Curriculum: dialogic practices; culturally responsive pedagogies; leading pedagogy
Comparative Studies in Literature



Kelly, S. (2018)Governing literate populations: The political uses of literacy in securing civil society. Routledge, Abingdon, UK.

Edited Books

Kelly, S. (in press). Governing Civil Society: How literacy, education and security were brought together. In Kember D, Corbett M (Eds.), Structuring the thesis: Matching method, paradigm, theory and findings. (pp. TBC ), Springer.

Kelly, S. (2012). Implementing the Australian Curriculum: A critical capabilities approach. In Marsh, C., The Australian Curriculum: Observations of a Journey. (pp. 120-125) Canberra, Australia Curriculum Studies Association.


Kelly, S. (2017). Responding to terror: recruiting a martial body of literate subjects, Critical Discourse Studies, 14(2), 188-205 DOI: 10.1080/17405904.2016.1268184

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Kelly, S. (2015). Governing civil society: How literacy, education and security were brought together, QUT ePrints.

Invited presentations and symposia

Kelly, S. (2016, September). Security, Literacy, Danger Children. In R. Hattam, (Chair) Education for Democratic Citizenship Conference, EU Centre, University of South Australia

Kelly, S. (2015 November). Governing civil society: How literacy, education and security were brought together in Brady. K (Chair) Annual Research Activity Conference, Centre for Research in Education, University of South Australia Magill

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Conference Presentations

Kelly, S. (2016, December). Why genealogy when thinking about the government of education and civil society? Australian Association for Research Education Conference, Melbourne, Australia

Kelly , S. (2016, December). The uses of development(alism) to secure dangerous children. Australian Association for Research Education Conference, Melbourne, Australia

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Research Supervision Experience

Training: Completed Supervising Doctoral Studies Program