Dr Stephen Heimans

Lecturer, Contextual Studies in Education - School of Education

Stephen Heimans

Phone: +61 6773 4329

Email: sheimans@une.edu.au


I have many years professional experience in teaching, TESOL and in leadership positions in TESOL and Adult Education. I completed a PhD in 2013 titled Characterising (an) Education Policy that developed an approach to the philosophy of education policy enactment research. I research education policy enactment that focuses on the politics of education and what happens in government and education institutions. Relatedly, I am interested in approaches to research (in education) that intervene positively in disrupting the relations between education and the ongoing reproduction of inequality. An aspect of this concerns developing methodologies that are collaborative and that problematise existing asymmetrical knowledge relations.


PhD (Education)
MA (Applied Linguistics)
Diploma of Teaching (Primary)
Diploma of TESOL
Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
RSA Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults


Australian Association for Research in Education

Consultancy Interests

Education Policy Development
Education Leadership

Teaching Areas

Contextual Studies

Research Interests

Philosophy for Education
Sociology for Education
Fieldwork in Philosophy (Research Methodology)
Critical and Post-critical Education Policy Studies
Politics and Education


Refereed journal articles

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Book chapter

Heimans, S. (In progress). Characterising Education Policy. In Clarke, M., Gulson, K. N. & Petersen, E. B. Eds. Education Policy and Contemporary Theory: Implication for Research: London, Routledge.

Lingard, B., Hardy, I., and Heimans, S. (2011) Deparochializing Educational Research; Three Critical Illustrative Narratives, in Fenwick, T. and Farrell, L. Eds. Knowledge Mobilization and Educational Research: Politics, Languages and Responsibilities, London: Routledge.

Book review

Heimans, S. (2010) Book Review of The Education Debate by Stephen Ball, inDiscourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education. 31,13: 393 – 395.