Dr Siri Gamage

Senior Lecturer, Contextual Studies in Education - School of Education

Siri Gamage

Phone: +61 2 6773 3836

Email: siri.gamage@une.edu.au


Siri is a member of the Contextual Studies  team in the School. He is also a member of the Comparative and International Education Research Network (CIERN), which has engaged in discussions of Southern Theory and its applicability to education. Previously, he worked in the School of Professional Studies, Education Studies and the Dept. of Aboriginal & Multicultural Studies. In the past he has functioned as a Course Coordinator, Chair of the Faculty Equity Committee, and various Advisory Committees, e.g. VC’s Social Justice Committee, Dean’s Advisory Committee. Prior to arriving at UNE, he taught sociology and social anthropology at the University of Peradeniya (former University of Ceylon), Sri Lanka.


BA (Hons) (Ceyl), MA (Sociology) (Hawaii), PhD (Sociology and Anthropology) (Monash), Grad. Cert (Higher.ed), UNE.

Teaching Areas

EDUC503 - Teaching for Cultural Diversity –NESB Students
EDCX555 - International Schooling: Challenges and Issues
EDCX560 - Frameworks for Intercultural Studies and education
EDUC328 - Environment Education/Education for Sustainability

Research Interests

Social inequality, Culture Difference and Education
Critique of Northern theory, alternative Knowledge construction & Southern Theory
Intercultural studies and education
International Higher education: Australia and Asia
Identity, immigrant adaptation and diaspora communities

Professional Activities

Referee papers for Journals such as the Journal of Sociology, South Asia, International Education Journal and for the International Cultural Research Network (ICRN)
Organisation of short term training courses in education for professionals from Asian countries, e.g. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
Affiliated fellow of UNE Asia Centre
Member, Australia and New Zealand Comparative and international Education Society (ANCIES)
Associate, Centre for Culture, Identity & Education, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia, Canada.
Fellow, Australian Anthropological Society


Workshop Proceedings

Gamage, S. 2012. Internationalization of Higher Education (IHW) in Selected Asian Countries: Contextual issues, trends, and questions/options for Sri Lanka, in  R. Senaratne & S. Sivasegaram (eds.), Re-creating and Re-Positioning of Sri Lankan Universities to meet Emerging Opportunities and Challenges in a Globalized Environment, University, University  Grants Commission, Colombo.​

Refereed Journal Articles

Gamage, S (2016) Buddhist Approach to Knowledge Construction and Education in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) in the Context of Colonisation and Southern Theory, Post Colonial Directions in Education, Vol. 5(1), special issue.

Gamage, S. 2015. Globalization, Neoliberal Reforms and Inequality: A review of conceptual tools, competing discourses, responses and alternatives, in Journal of Developing Societies, 31(1), March, pp.8-27

Gamage, S.  2014. Changing patterns of anthropology and sociology practices in Sri Lanka in the context of debates on northern and southern theory, Social Affairs: A Journal for the Social Sciences, Vol 1(1), pp. 1-29, Fall

Gamage, S. 2011. Internationalisation (privatisation) of school education in Sri Lanka: An analysis of differing discourses and the impact on society, Modern Sri Lanka Studies: A Journal of the Social Sciences, Vol. 111(1), pp.25-42

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Gamage, S. 2010. Can Sri Lanka Achieve Durable Peace with the Tamils After Defeating Tamil Tigers? Journal for the Study of Peace and Conflict, 2008-09 Annual edition, Journal for the Study of Peace and Conflict, The Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies (This was published in 2010 but as the journal issue was a delayed issue 2008-09 appears as the publication date).

Gamage, S. (2009) 'Economic Liberalisation, Changes in Governance Structure and Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka' Journal of Contemporary Asia, 39 (2) May

Gamage, S.  (2007) 'Ideas from Postmodernism/Poststructuralism, Sociology of education and Critical Pedagogy for Teacher Educators in Rural Universities, in Exploring Cultural Perspectives in Education, (Ed) H.Maitles, ICRN Press, Edmonton.

Gamage, S. (2006) 'Critical Discourses on Globalization, Knowledge Economy and Public Education: the case of Sri Lanka', UNE Asia Centre Papers –electronic journal, issue 11, Armidale.

Non Refereed Journal Articles

Gamage, S. (2007) Law Enforcement Agencies, partisan Influences and Civic Rights: Domination or Customer orientation, Law and Society Review, 17(233) Colombo.

Gamage, S. (2005). Has Multiculturalism Passed its Use-by-date? Australian Mosaic, 9 (1), Canberra.

Book Chapters

Gamage, S  (2016) Hegemonic Globalization and its Impact on the Global South: sociological Perspectives and Anti Hegemonic Responses, in B. Gonzalez (ed.) Globalization: Economic, political and cultural Issues, Nova Science Publishers, New York.

Gamage, S. 2011 Changing Development Models, Post-war International Development and Developing Country Needs, in W. Wimalaratana (eds) Agriculture and Rural Development in Sri Lanka, Development Resource Centre, Department of Economics, University of Colombo, Colombo.

Gamage, S. 2009. Ideas from Postmodernism/Poststructuralism, Sociology of education and Critical Pedagogy for Teacher Educators in Rural Universities, in Exploring Cultural Perspectives in Education (eds) Henry Maitles, ICRN Press, Edmonton.

Gamage, S. (2008) Current Thinking about Critical Multicultural and Critical Race Theory in Education, in Soliman, I (eds) Interrogating Common Sense: Teaching for Social Justice, Pearson Education, Australia.

Gamage, S (2007) Ethnic Conflict, State Reform and Nation Building in Sri Lanka, in Neelsen, J and Malik, D (ed), Crisis of State and Nation in South Asia, Manohar, New Delhi.

Gamage, S. (2002) Children of the Betel-Chewing Villagers: Social Distance and Identity Dilemmas of the Sinhala-Speaking People in Sri Lanka, in Chandraratna, D (ed) Essays on Social Development & Welfare in Sri Lanka, National Institute of Social Development, Colombo.

Gamage, S. (2002) Adaptation Experiences of Sri Lankan Immigrants ant their Children in Australia in the Context of Multiculturalism and Anglo-Conformity, in Richardson, A, Wyness, M Halvorsen, E.A. (eds) Exploring Cultural Perspectives: Integration and Globalization, ICRN Press, Edmonton.

Conference Presentations

Gamage. S. (2012) Internationalisation of Higher Education: Asian Context, 2nd Baguio Social Science Summit, Baguio, Philippines, October 18.

Gamage.S. (2012) Globalisation, Knowledge Economy and Competing Discourses on the Role of Education, 11th Asia-Pacific Sociology Association Conference, Ateneo de Manila University, Manila, October 23.

Gamage. S.(2009)‘Self Determination: Is it a Legal Fiction?’ Department of Social

Anthropology, University of Tromso, Norway, 6th November:  ‘Prospects of Peace in Sri Lanka’, Centre for Peace Studies, University of Tromso, 13 November.

Gamage, S. (2008) Configuring Social Justice in Education: observations on the student learning process in preparing for assignments and challenges they encountered, 28th Annual International Seminar, International Society for Teacher Education, UNE, Armidale, April.

Gamage, S. (2008) The Sri Lankan Diaspora in Australia: Identity and Integration Issues, 17th Biennial Conference, Asian Studies Association of Australia, Melbourne, 1-3, July.

Gamge, S. (2007) Between School and Home:  Sense of Self and Belonging and their Contestations among Australian-Sri Lankan Children in Metropolitan Australia, 35th Annual Conference of Australia and New Zealand Comparative and International education Society, University of Auckland, Auckland, November-December.

Gamage, S. (2006) The Changing nature of Australian Multiculturalism and its Implications for Ethnic Minorities & Education, Centre for Culture, Identity & Education, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia, October.

Gamage, S. (2006) Multiculturalism, Identity and Cultural/Ethnic Diversity in a Time of Uncertainty: Contemporary Australian Discourses on Cultural Difference and Inclusion in the Nation, Centre for Leadership and Theory, Department of Theory and Policy Studies, Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, November.

Gamage, S. (2006) The Changing nature of Australian Multiculturalism in the Policy/Political Context:  Implications for Multicultural Education, Faculty of Education, York University, Canada, October.

Gamage, S. (2006) Democracy, Ethnicity and Political Conflict in Plural Societies: Critical Reflections on the Continuing Conflict in Sri Lanka, Department of Political Science, South Asia Institute, University of Heidelberg, Germany, November

Research Supervision Experience

Research Supervision Experience

Postgraduate Research Supervision –Degree awarded

Subvention and Governance Reforms in Secondary Education in Bangladesh: Actors, Acquiescence and Resistance in the Policy process (PhD) – received Chancellor’s Medal.

Export of Sri Lankan domestic workers to Saudi Arabia: Gaps between policy and practices in Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia, (PhD)

An Examination of Australian Refugee Policy in the Context of Murray Bridge Community's Response to Afghan TPV holders, (PhD)

The Sinhalese Migrants to Sydney: A Case study of family migration to Australia, 1978-2000, (PhD)

The Purpose of Education for Timor Leste: Critical discourse analysis on the purpose of pre-secondary education, Med (Hons)

Education and its Effect on Poverty and HIV/Aids within Sub-Saharan Africa, Med (Hons)

Job Satisfaction of Overseas-hire Teachers in International Baccalaureate Schools in Argentina, Med (Hons)

The globalisation of desire: The many uses of global and national discourses by Korean Learners of English, M Ed (Hons)

Current – 2016
Under Joint Supervision

Attrition in Online Programs:  A Lecturer’s perspective (PhD)

Australian Return Policy on Sri Lankan Irregular Maritime Arrivals: legality and propriety of the policies and practices (PhD)

Human Wellbeing and Protectionist Conservation: Socio-cultural and Livelihood Impacts on Local Populations of Uttara Kannada in the Western Ghats (PhD)