Dr Brian D. Denman

Senior Lecturer, Contextual Studies in Education
Course Co-odinator (Educational Leadership, Comparative and International Education, and Training and Development), School of Education

Brian D. Denman

Phone: +61 2 6773 2269

Email: bdenman@une.edu.au


I currently serve as the Secretary-General of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES), an international organisation consisting of 47 comparative and international education societies worldwide. For more information about the preparation of the World Congress in Beijing (22-26 August 2016), please refer to the website, http:/wcces2016.org/

My particular areas of expertise include the study of educational systems, educational planning and policy studies, international higher education policy, and comparative education research.   At UNE’s School of Education, I serve as Course Coordinator for Training and Development and teach within the Contextual Studies in Education group.

In the past year, I served as Visiting Professor of Comparative and International Education at Beijing Normal University.  I have also served as Visiting Professor at Minzu University of China (2012; 2014), Hiroshima University (2011), IIEP UNESCO Fellow (2008), Editor-in-Chief of the International Education Journal:  Comparative Perspectives (2007-2011), and President of the Australian and New Zealand Comparative and International Education Society (2006-2009).

My current research involves the development of the Denman James Rubric (DJR) that serves as a visual, online tool that monitors and provides real-time feedback in the development of student learning at all levels of education.  The objective of the DJR is to provide visual evidence of a student’s strengths and weaknesses that could assist in improving retention, capacity, and academic/professional career advice, particularly for students of different backgrounds.  A primary objective is to investigate whether different teaching and learning approaches and the use of alternative assessments in attributes such as creativity, communication, problem solving, analytical thinking and reflective thinking can promote, encourage and empower students into taking greater ownership of their learning over time and, at the same time, build capacity and potential.


PhD     Social and Policy Studies in Education, 2001, University of Sydney
MA       Educational Foundations, Policy and Administration, 1990, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
BA       Psychology, 1984, University of Colorado, Boulder
BA       German Language and Literature, 1984, University of Colorado, Boulder

Teaching Areas

EDCX 312:  Resource Management in the Public Sector
EDCX 380:  Introduction to Workplace Learning
EDCX 381:  Best Practices in Workplace Education and Training
EDCX 573:  Planning and Policy
EDCX 575:  Higher Education Leadership and Management
EDCX 576:  Comparative and International Education
EDCX 581:  Special Topic in Organisational Action-Based Learning
PROF 795:  Understanding the Deep Context of/at Work


Selected Publications 2013-16


Denman, Brian D., (2016). “Globalization and the Imagined ‘Global Thinker’. In: Advocacy for Change in Educational Culture, Dale H. Eberwein, ed., Education in a Competitive and Globalizing World, NOVA Science Publishers, (2016-1st Quarter): 1-18.

Denman, Brian D., (2016). “Metaphorical Trajectories of Comparative and International Education Research in the Asia-Pacific”. In: Annual Review of Comparative and International Education 2015 (International Perspectives on Education and Society, Vol 28. Alexander W. Wiseman & Emily Anderson, eds., Emerald Group Publishing Limited: 97-106.

Denman, Brian D., (2015).  “The ‘imagined’ global thinker and the rubric”.  In: Advocacy for Change in Educational Culture, Dale H. Eberwein, ed. NOVA Science Publishers.

Denman, Brian D., (2015).  “Metaphorical Trajectories of Comparative and International Education Research in the Asia-Pacific”.  In:  Annual Review of Comparative and International Education, Alexander W. Wiseman & Emily Anderson, eds., Emerald.

Denman, Brian D., (2014).  “Paradox or Parody?  Globalization and Internationalization of Higher Education”.  In:  Internationalization of Higher Education in East Asia.  Trends of student mobility and impact on education governance, Ka Ho Mok & Kar Ming Yu, eds., Routledge.  Available at: http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415705035/

Bukhari, Fawzy & Brian D. Denman (2013). “Scholarship in Saudi Arabia:  Implications and opportunities for overseas engagement”.  In: Higher Education in Saudi Arabia:  Achievements, challenges, and opportunities. Abdulrahman Abouammoh & Larry Smith, eds., Springer: 151-158.

Denman, Brian D., & Neil Dunstan (2013).  “Beyond the University:  International University Co-operation and Network Capital”.  In:  Higher Education Forum, Vol 10 (March 2013), Research Institute for Higher Education, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima: pp. 81-102.  Available at: http://en.rihe.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/pl_default_2.php?bid=109625


Denman, Brian D., (in press). “Comparing Mining Tax Offsets for Educational Purposes: A case study analysis identifying ways forward for regional, rural, and remote Australia”. In: International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives, Vol 15, No 1(March 2016).

Baker, Colin and Brian D. Denman (in press). “An Aboriginal College for a Return to Country: Designing a school that prepares children to live in two worlds and the space between.“ In: International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives, Vol 15, No 1(March 2016).

Denman, Brian D., & Rosalind James, (2016). “Cultural ecology and isomorphism applied to educational planning in China’s Inner Mongolia: A new rubric”. In: International Journal of Comparative Education and Development, Vol 18, No 1 Emerald Group Publishing, Bingley, UK: 40-52.

Denman, Brian D., (2015). “Regionalising higher education in the Asia Pacific and a network capital paradigm for teaching and research in comparative education ”. In: Journal of Learning Science, Satoshi Higuchi and Mori, eds., No 8, Hiroshima University Graduate School of Education:135-149.

Hilal, Kholoud T., & Brian D. Denman (2013). “Education as a Tool for Peace? The King Abdullah Scholarship Program and Perceptions of Saudi Arabia post 9/11”. In: Higher Education Studies, Vol 3, No 2, (April 2013), Canadian Center of Science and Education, Toronto: 24-40.

Research Supervision Experience

Current Research Students

Project Title Degree Research Student
Inclusive education in a 'diversity landscape': Values, attitudes and practices of primary school principalsPhDJo Anderson
Global Trends in Transnational Higher Education PhD Joyce Noronha-Barrett
Aboriginal Education:  Problem or calamity and the ‘social integration’ of Aboriginal peoplePhDMichael Brogan
Vocational Education Training in Vietnam. Perceptions and Improvement of Image PhD Vi Hoang Dang
Auto-ethnographic Indigenous Research: Owning and developing resources for community practice MEdAdmin(Hons) Rose Lovelock
Scaffolding Learning for SuccessProfDoc

Helen McAllister

Social Responsibilities of Universities: Perceptions and drivers of OHS culture and performance PhD Daphne McCurdy
The effects of regime changes.  Study of recent political history of Mongolia since the fall of communismPhDPaul Mills
Climate Change and Resource Efficiency:  A platform for organisational innovation and leadership ProfDoc Orestis Valianatos


Anthony Fenton, PhD (2016).  Organisational Change at a Japanese University Sub-organisation.

Samir Al-Balas, PhD (2015).  Leadership in the Jordanian Ministry of Health.

Jim White, EdD (2013).  The Role of the Principal in Improving School Image:  Creating a professional development program to assist school principals in formulating strategies to improve school image

Masahiro Nishihara, PhD (2012).  
A Historical Study of Educational Policy, Methods, and Practice in English Teaching during the Meiji Period in Japan (1868-1912)

Dwayne Kennedy, PhD (2011).  
Dreaming Emu: Cultural Empowerment through Art as Therapy – men and healing from the violence of colonization

Marie Loller, PhD (2010). 
Peacebuilding through Community and Education

Rupert Collister, PhD (2008). 
A journey in search of wholeness and meaning: Investigating a harmonious ontology

Brian Ambrosio, MEdAdmin(Hons) (2008). 
Strategic Planning for International Schools in Turbulent Environments: A contingency approach

Paul Reader, PhD (2007). 
Painterly Methodology: painting and digital inquiry in adult learning