Our Researchers

Man playing saxophone busking

Our researchers contribute to the exploration of Australian identity, and our common humanity, by approaching cultural phenomena from varied perspectives.

Who are our researchers?

School of Arts

Media and Communications
Theatre and Performance
Postdoctoral Research Fellows

School of Humanities

Melanie FilliosLecturer
Martin Gibbs Professor and Convenor of ARPA
Peter Grave Associate Professor
Mark Moore Senior Lecturer
Lloyd WeeksProfessor and Head of School
Charlotte Marie CablePost Doctoral Research Fellow
Kristina FrankePost Doctoral Research Fellow
Classics and Ancient History
Matthew Dillon Associate Professor
Bronwyn Hopwood Senior Lecturer and Master of Arts Course Coordinator
Greg Horsley Professor
Clemens Koehn Lecturer
Sarah Lawrence Lecturer and Discipline Convenor
Tristan TaylorLecturer

Research Fellow

Dr Anna Silvas

Matthew Allen Lecturer
Lorina Barker Senior Lecturer
Howard Brasted Professor (Co-Course Coordinator for BHINQ)
Thomas A Fudge Professor (Chair, Teaching & Learning Committee)
Brett HolmanLecturer
Erin Ihde Lecturer (Academic Misconduct Officer)
Thomas KehoePostdoctoral Research Fellow
Andrew Piper Lecturer
David Roberts Associate Professor (Course Coordinator for BHistInq&Prac and MHist)
Richard Scully Associate Professor (Chair, Research Committee)
Janis Wilton Associate Professor (Course Coordinator for AdvDipLocFam&AppHist; GradDipLocFam&AppHist and MHist)
Nathan Wise Senior Lecturer (Discipline Convenor)
Indigenous Studies
Belinda Beattie Lecturer and Bachelor of Arts Course Coordinator
Julie CollinsLecturer
Islamic Studies
Howard Brasted Professor
Peace Studies
Marty Branagan Lecturer and Convenor
Bert Jenkins Senior Lecturer
Helen Ware Professor
Rebecca Spence Senior Lecturer
Johanna GarnettCasual Lecturer
Philosophy and Religion
Sandy Boucher Lecturer
Arcady Blinov Senior Lecturer
Mun-Keat Choong Lecturer
Matthew Dillon Associate Professor
Tony Lynch Senior Lecturer
Lesley McLean Lecturer
Adrian Walsh Professor and Convenor
Politics and International Studies
Tim Battin Senior Lecturer and Discipline Convenor
Tony Lynch Senior Lecturer
Karin von Strokirch Senior Lecturer (Course Coordinator for BIntStuds; BILS)
Asia-Pacific Centre
Howard Brasted Co-Director
Helen Ware Co-Director

School of Law