About the SMART Farm

'Our farming future starts today.'

The University of New England has transformed 'Kirby-Newholme', a 2,900 ha commercial farm located 10 km north west of the campus, into a SMART Farm (Sustainable Manageable Accessible Rural Technologies Farm). Kirby-Newholme is part of the university's Armidale commercial farms.

Innovation and technology

Man flying drone in the field.The SMART Farm showcases the latest technologies aimed at improving productivity, environmental sustainability, safety, workflow and social/business support networks on Australian farms.

With our $2 million SMART Farm Innovation Centre perched atop a knoll in the middle of the farm, and linked via AARNet and the national broadband network (fibre, terrestrial wireless AND satellite), the predominantly grazing SMART Farm is a national demonstrator site.

International leadership

Building on the university's international leadership in Precision Agriculture, Education, Rural Health and Environmental and Rural Science, SMART Farm also serves as an 'instrumented' research laboratory, a diagnostic landscape unmatched anywhere else in the world.

A connected classroom

With broadband connectivity, and serving as a test-site for new technologies, the SMART Farm is a connected classroom where the community as well as students of all ages can access the latest data streaming in from a range of field, animal and machinery sensors.

See our information for high schools.

Contact us

If you'd like to learn more about the UNE SMART Farm, or if you are interested in deploying technologies on the farm or in supporting this initiative some other way, please contact Prof. David Lamb.