Centre for Local Government News and Events

The CLG Working Paper Series continues to be regularly contributed to by members of the Centre and scholars from across the globe. Subjects include:

  • Financial sustainability;
  • Infrastructure renewal;
  • Skills shortages in regional and remote councils;
  • Council restructuring, particularly amalgamation;
  • Comparative local government studies;
  • Democratic theory;
  • Leadership studies.

The Centre for Local Government is delighted to announce that Associate Professor Phil Simmons has kindly agreed to take up the role of Research Director at the Centre from September 2014 onwards. Phil is a highly experienced researcher and has a wealth of experience both in the Commonwealth Government and the university sector.

Dr Ian Tiley has recently published a research report with the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government:

Tiley, I. 2014. ' Local government and Regional Development Australia committees: understanding the relationship and responding to the opportunities ' . Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government, University of Technology, Sydney.

Dr Ian Tiley is an Emeritus mayor, who has been continuously involved in local government for over 50 years and the inaugural and continuing Chairperson of a Regional Development Australia Committee since establishment of the RDA committee structure in 2009. Little research had previously been undertaken concerning the nature of the role and activities of RDA committees, or their working relationship with local government.

The Report provides a unique insider perspective on these matters and suggest options for nurturing and strengthening the RDA-local government relationship.

Visiting Researcher from Portugal

Paulo Caldas from Portugal spent a month with the UNE Business School in Armidale. Paulo is working on an article-format PhD on Portuguese local government reform and performance management. He is particularly well-qualified to research Portuguese local government having had a spell as of 12 years as the youngest ever Mayor in Portugal. He will be supervised by Professor Brian Dollery and Professor Rui Marques from the Technical University of Lisbon. Rui is well-known to many people in the UNE Business School since he is not only a member of the UNE Centre for Local Government, but also spent some time in Armidale in 2012. Paulo and Rui have worked together on various research projects in Portugal.

Dr Ian Tiley, Chair of the Northern Rivers Regional Development Australia Committee, and inaugural Mayor of the Clarence Regional Council, has been appointed by the NSW Government as a member of the NSW Local Government Acts Taskforce.

The Taskforce has been established by the NSW Government to conduct a review of the Local Government Act 1993 and the City of Sydney Act 1988.

The panel is made up of four persons, including Dr Tiley.

Dr Tiley has a PhD from UNE on NSW local government and has been a leading member of the Centre for Local Government for many years.

On Tuesday 5 June 2012, Brian Dollery published the opinion piece 'Council Merger Debate Must Stick to the Facts' in The Sydney Morning Herald's Local Government section.

On Tuesday 24 May 2011, Brian Dollery and Bligh Grant published the opinion piece 'Communities Able to Shape Themselves' in The Sydney Morning Herald's Local Government section. View the online article.

On 6 July 2010 Centre Members Brian Dollery, Bligh Grant and Ian Tiley all presented papers on Australian Local Government at the 15th Biennial Conference of the Association for Canadian Studies in Australia and New Zealand (ACSANZ) at the University of New England.

Members of the UNE Centre for Local Government have contributed articles to Councillor Magazine and Council Manager Magazine, the quarterly magazines distributed to all local government councillors and senior managers in Australia, and to The Sydney Morning Herald.

In the past, the Centre for Local Government has been associated with some peak events in local government. these have included:

  • Armidale's hosting of the NSW LGA Conference in 2004 from 23-27 October.
  • The Cutting Edge of Change Conference was held from 14 to 17 February 2002.
  • AIUS Reports into Local Government Reform, 1999.