Doctor of Industry and Professions

A UNE International Doctoral Research Scholarship Program

Our Doctor of Industries and Professions (PhD.I) Program is a project-based Doctorate, equivalent to a PhD, and well suited industry and professional project based research.  Successful international scholarship candidates would work on research projects developed within and supported by their industry or profession.

This doctorate is suited to those who would like to work closely with international experts in developing and applying innovation knowledge and practice to real-world challenges to be reported within a project portfolio.

This is a four year program and involves suitably qualified international scholarship candidates spending twelve months in Australia at UNE in Armidale. While in Australia candidates complete a specific research training program.  On completing the research training and having approval for their planned research, candidates return to their country of origin to complete their research projects, within their industry or professional context.

Successful scholarship candidates would be supervised by UNE and University academics from their country of origin.  It is anticipated that candidates will visit UNE regularly throughout their studies. In this way they will gain the benefit of studying in Australia at UNE, and carry out research in their home countries industry and professional operations.

Admission is dependent on prospective candidates being awarded a scholarship based on meeting UNE entry criteria requirements, including having a prior Bachelor’s degree (or higher) and meeting English language requirements. The scholarship will provide financial support towards tuition fees, living expenses and accommodation.

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