Australian Competitive Grant Register (ACGR)

All Category 1 Funding Schemes are listed on the current Australian Competitive Grants Register (ACGR). Please check that the exact scheme (not simply the funding body) you are applying for is listed on the Australian Competitive Grants Register (ACGR). If it is not listed, you will need to ensure your project budget includes the PVCR's 20% research sustainabiity fee. This fee will be levied on the entire amount awarded by the funding body.

External Research Income Categories – details:

Category 1: Australian Competitive Grants

Commonwealth Competitive Research Funding and other Non-Commonwealth Competitive Research Schemes.

Criteria for Category 1:

The Australian Competitive Grants Register (ACGR) lists schemes that provide competitive research grants to Higher Education Providers. The income Higher Education Providers receive from schemes listed on the ACGR drives the allocation of over $200 million of Research Infrastructure Block Grants (RIBG) each year.

  1. Funds must be provided on a nationally competitive basis and clearly be for research only
  2. The funding scheme must be nationally advertised and available to universities throughout Australia
  3. The funding scheme must have a well-defined mechanism for competition and selection by a well-qualified panel.
  4. Funds must be provided through direct transfer from the funding agency to the higher education institution.
  5. Grants in kind such as the use of facilities, equipment etc. or subsidised travel or accommodation are not eligible.
  6. Funding schemes used exclusively to fund student scholarships are not eligible.
  7. Schemes that provide funding wholly or mainly for infrastructure purposes are not eligible.
  8. The funding body must agree to provide funding data to the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science & Research and the data must be up to date.
  9. For non-Commonwealth research funding schemes, the total annual budget in 2008 must be at least $200,000.
Category 2: Other Public Sector Research Funding
  • any other research income received from the Australian Government that is not eligible for inclusion as Category 1 research income
  • research income from Australian Government business enterprises
  • research income (including contract research) from both state and local governments
  • research income from state government business enterprises
  • research income from partly government owned or funded bodies
  • research income from CRCs in which the reporting University was not a core participant or participant (i.e. was not a signatory to the Commonwealth Agreement during the reporting period).
Category 3: Industry and other Funding for Research


  • Contracts
  • Grants
  • Donations, bequests and foundations

International A: Competitive, Peer-Reviewed Research Grant Income Competitive, peer reviewed grants for research from non-Australian industry or non- Australian Government agencies including non-Australian industry collaborative research grants.

International B: Other Income Any other income research income from non-Australian Industry or Governments that cannot be included in International A research income such as:

  • Contracts
  • Grants
  • Donations, bequests and foundations
Category 4: Cooperative Research Centre Funding
  • research income derived from Australian Government grants to CRCs
  • research income derived from non-HEP members of CRCs
  • research income derived from third parties contributing to CRCs.

For further information on each category, please refer to the latest HERDC Specifications.

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