Research data storage


cloud.UNE is the University's cloud storage solution for research data. All UNE academic staff and HDR candidates have the use of cloud.UNE, with an initial quota of 500 gigabyte and an option to apply for more if needed. This cloud storage service is accessible on and off campus via a secure web interface at


cloud.UNE is a intuitive and flexible platform for researchers to use. Researchers also may interact with this cloud storage from their local computer drive via a sync client. To install and set up the local sync client follow these instructions.

Want to learn how to use Cloud.UNE? Attend one of the Library's lunchtime sessions.

Large-scale storage

UNE researchers with multi-terabytes of data have access to Intersect's Space at a highly discounted price. Space is a large scale, high performance, collaborative, and cost effective digital storage system. Space offers continuously growing capacity of up to 50 petabytes of fast, reliable, and safe active and archive data retention.

For more information on the various flavours available, contact UNE's eResearch Analyst.