Chute is an add-on application for e-publications@UNE. Chute finds data about research outputs and pre-populates the submission form with this information, making the task much easier for researchers and/or their support staff.

Getting started with Chute

To get started, use the Chute wizard to set up your author profile. This takes only a few minutes.

Signing up to Chute is simple if researchers already have an ORCID iD and know their Scopus ID. However, Chute can also help create or locate these IDs.

Submitting new outputs

Researchers will need to have the following ready when they submit new outputs:

  • FOR and SEO codes.
  • versions of research outputs to load to e-publications@UNE. These include the published version for ERA and, preferably, the post peer-reviewed version for Open Access.

e-publications@UNE records form part of each Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) exercise.

The Library can arrange one-on-one or group sessions for researchers and support staff.

For help with ORCID iDs and other Author IDs, please contact the Researcher Services Librarians.

Chute it to e-publications@UNE