eReserve submissions

What is eReserve?

eReserve is the University Library's electronic reserve collection, providing online, copyright-compliant access to high demand journal articles and book chapters.

What must go in eReserve

To ensure UNE meets its licence and copyright obligations, material under third-party copyright must be stored in eReserve if intended for student use.

This category includes:

  • Chapters scanned from print published books.
  • Scanned articles from hard copy journals.
  • Scanned conference papers and proceedings.

These materials must not be uploaded directly into Moodle.

What shouldn't go in eReserve

eReserve is for materials which are not otherwise available electronically.

If you wish students to have access to full-text electronic content in UNE-subscribed resources (such as ProQuest or EBL), please create durable links to such material for inclusion in Moodle. The page on durable linking will provide you with assistance on how to do this.

Freely available Web content, lecture notes or other UNE-generated materials should not be stored in eReserve.

When submitting material for eReserve please ensure that

  1. Full and accurate citation details are submitted with the articles and
  2. You include information regarding the teaching week for which each item is required. This information aids the eReserve team in prioritizing materials, with the aim to having the material available by the required teaching week. If there is no date or teaching week indication attached to the submission, it will be recorded for processing based on the date that the material has been received.

    The deadlines above are set in order to give us the best chance to provide material to students by the beginning of trimester. We, and your students, depend on the timely submission of materials to achieve this end.

Early submissions are encouraged!

How to submit items to eReserve

Email submissions

Submit additions to eReserve (and requests for deletions) by email to Please include the following details in the body of the email:

  • Lecturer/Coordinator.
  • Unit code(s).
  • Phone.
  • Trimester.
  • Teaching week(s) the reading is required for.

Please attach a list of citations with the date required for each reading and (scanned) PDF versions of the readings.

Provision of high quality scans will improve the quality of the final output and reduce the final file size. Please ensure that copies have clear, legible text, are straight on the page and have minimal or no black margins.

Example submission

An example of a submitted request (including a citation list) is available online.

What if my PDFs are too large?

If you cannot email your PDFs due to file size, please:

  • deliver a CD/DVD of the scans in person at the Library Service Desk or
  • post a CD/DVD to the eReserve Team, Dixson Library.

Please note that you will still need to send us an email with the above information (including the citation list) and notify us that you are using this alternate method.

How long do items remain in eReserve?

Readings in eReserve remain there until such time as their removal is requested by a course coordinator, or copyright compliance requires their removal. There is no need to resubmit a reading each time a unit is run.

Unit coordinators are strongly encouraged to review eReserve listings for their units every Trimester and notify eReserve staff of any requested deletions.

Existing material in eReserve that is still successfully linking to online material, from previous semesters, trimesters or years will not be removed without the endorsement of the Unit Coordinator (or if they are unavailable, the unit's teaching academic staff).  Older eReserve records with links to online material, or whose circumstances have changed (such as in the case of a new subscription, the purchase of online resources, or a database, platform or link change), will be treated as a new online article and will need to be linked to within the Moodle unit.Older eReserve material with poor quality scans should be reported back to the eReserve team ( for investigation,  with the aim of providing either an electronic link to the article (to be placed in Moodle) or, if unavailable online, a better quality scan will be sought to replace the poor quality reading.

Further information

For assistance, please email


One of the main functions of eReserve is to ensure compliance with Digital Copyright Laws and the Statutory Licence Part VB which allows UNE staff to copy certain quantities of works, mainly:

  • One article from a single issue of a print journal, or more if the subject matter is the same
  • 10% or one chapter of a published monograph, whichever is greater. This applies across the University as a whole which means that if a unit co-ordinator is already using a chapter of a book in eReserve, another chapter cannot be reproduced even if it is for a different unit. In these cases, eReserve staff will assist you to provide the chapter you require for your students by email or in print, or find an alternative reading.
  • More than 10% of a published book if it is not available commercially.

eReserve is also responsible for ensuring that UNE meets its other copyright obligations, such as:

  • Readings are fully referenced.
  • Copyright warning notices are present where appropriate.
  • Periodic sampling of copyright usage is performed.

More on copyright

If you have any queries or concerns about eReserve copyright, please contact the Copyright Officer, Berenice Scott, on (02) 6773 3227 or email

Additional information is also available from the Copyright pages