How to place a purchase request

Requests for books and other non-serial items

Requests for books and other non-serial items for inclusion in the UNE Libraries collection should normally be placed through your discipline's Library Liaison Officer.

The online Book/DVD Recommendation form can also be used to suggest the purchase of books and other (non-serial) items by the Library. However, this method does not directly inform your LLO of the request or guarantee purchase.

Where both eBook and print editions are obtainable, we will purchase the eBook edition if available on a currently used platform, unless specifically advised otherwise. Where the title is not available electronically on a current platform, we will purchase a paperback edition if available, or a hardback in the last instance.

Number of copies required

The number of copies required should be noted. We will check all requested titles against our catalogue holdings before ordering, and duplicate requests are discarded unless it is obvious that you are requesting extra copies.

Prescribed textbooks

Textbook lists are updated on a regular basis as teaching needs change and new editions are produced. The Library strives to have one copy of all prescribed textbooks in their current editions housed in the print Reserve collection, and another copy on the open shelves. More copies may be bought on demand, up to a maximum of 5, and shelved on the open shelves. Where available in electronic format on a currently used platform, it is highly desirable to have textbooks accessible in both formats.

Recommended course readings

The Library will also attempt to provide one to (3) three copies of recommended materials for all courses. More copies may be purchased on demand, up to a maximum of (5) five.

Academic staff should check that all recommendations for "further reading" in their unit notes are available in the Library collection, or that requests to order material are placed with the Library at least (6) six weeks before required by their students.

Where does the Library purchase books?

For reasons of economy and efficiency, we rarely deal directly with publishers. Most orders are placed with established library suppliers in the country of origin. For Australian-sourced materials, the turn-around (from ordering through to cataloguing) is approximately 6–8 weeks, assuming the title is in stock. It takes 8-10 weeks for items obtained overseas.

New Books

New books are displayed in the Current Serials display area on Level 3 of Dixson Library. They remain there for a week before going to the shelves.

Ordering books for personal use

Books and other items intended for academics' personal use or a School library are no longer purchased through the University Library. Such purchases should be met from Academic Pursuits funds, Research grants, including Internal Research Grants (IRGs) or School maintenance funds. Please remember that books and other items purchased out of IRG funds remain the property of the University. These should ultimately be deposited at the University Library as stipulated under Section G.7.1. of the Administrative Handbook.

Further information

If you have any further enquiries, please contact Blanca Pizzani, Associate University Librarian on (02) 6773 1992.