Walk in access

The law prevents the University Library from offering unrestricted public access to our range of subscribed databases. This access is available only to staff and currently enrolled students of the University.

However, members of the general public can make in-person use of a selected range of databases using the dedicated computer on Level 2 of the Library.

The databases available for access in this manner are:

  • American Chemical Society Journals The Archives of the American Chemical Society provide 3 million pages of information on every aspect of chemical science.
  • AGIS Plus Text Australian Flag AGIS Plus Text provides access to legal journals for Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. Includes all aspects of law.
  • APA-FT Australian flag Australian Public Affairs Full-Text provides access to articles from nearly 400 journals in the social sciences and humanities.
  • BioOne
    BioOne is a collection of academic journals in the biological sciences.
    CINAHL meets the information needs of nurses and allied health professionals.
  • Emerald
    Emerald is a collection of over 190 peer-reviewed journals in management and related disciplines.
  • Health Collection Australian flag
    The Health Collection includes research articles, reports and case studies dealing with health in Australia.
    JSTOR contains the full-text journals across the disciplines from archaeology to zoology.
  • ProQuest
    ProQuest includes academic and non-academic content in a wide range of fields, from arts, literature, and social science to business, science, technology, and medicine.
    PsycARTICLES contains full-text articles from journals in psychology and related disciplines.
  • PsycINFO
    PsycINFO indexes scholarly literature in the behavioral sciences and mental health.
  • SpringerLink
    SpringerLink consists of peer-reviewed journals in astronomy, chemistry, computer science, economics, engineering, environmental sciences, geosciences, life sciences, mathematics, medicine and physics.
  • Wiley Online Library
    The Wiley Online Library includes current journals in a wide range of disciplines.

Further information

For enquiries regarding public access, please contact the Service Desk at the University Library on (02) 6773 2458.