UNE Library is grateful to those in our academic and wider community who express interest in supporting our collection through donations of books or journals. We ask potential donors to understand that donations are only of value to the Library if they are:

  • in good physical condition;
  • not already in the collection or available online; and
  • current and relevant to the University's teaching and research programs.

Consequently, donations will only be accepted on the basis of relevance to the University's teaching and research needs, and in accordance with the Library's selection criteria.

Please note that Library staff cannot accept unsolicited donations at the Library Desk.

If you are considering donating items to the UNE Library, please see the UNE Library Donations Procedure for further information. Offers of donations that fit the Library's Rare Book and Special Collections Library should be directed to the Blanca Bizzani, University Librarian.

A Donation Agreement form is required to be completed and forwarded to the Library prior to donating items. Unsolicited donations will not be accepted at the Library Service Desk.

The Library will accept material under the same conditions of retention as other library items and the Library reserves the right to decline and dispose of donations following current library policy.