Armidale College of Advanced Education Records


Teachers became trained in their profession over a three year period, superceding two year training, in 1971. The Armidale Teachers' College (ATC) then became a College of Advanced Education under the Higher Education Act.

The ACAE continued to provide teachers to educate primary school children but it also began courses for other educational purposes including nursing studies.

C B Newling who had been long serving principal at the ATC died in 1975. His memory is continued with the ACAE complex being named the C B Newling Centre.

The most significant building program since the earliest days of the ATC took place in the 1970's and the library building was opened in 1976. This building now contains the UNE and Regional Archives and the Heritage Centre. The Heritage Centre includes the Historical Resources Centre and Education Museum which were integral teaching resources for the ACAE

Description Accession number
Aboriginal Cultural Centre: plans, 1987 A936
Aboriginal Education: Mildred Douglas recognition proposals A1270
Accommodation: plans for proposed new student accommodation, A937
Administrative papers: includes information re: other CAEs, some course, press clippings & reports A985
Administrative records, 1981 - 1988 A732
Amalgamation Agreement, 1988 A881
Amalgamation papers A966
Amalgamation papers, 1987 - 1989 A1241
Amalgamation papers, 1988 A1315
Amalgamation proposals: discussion materials, &c., 1988 A1267
Amalgamation proposals with UNE 1967 - 1973, 1982 - A.C.A.E./ U.N.E. Amalgamation Implementation Committee 1992 -1995 A1028
Annual Reports 1977-1982, 1984-1989 A1151
Description Accession number
Buildings: Library: photograph A1079
Buildings: Library: plans of building, 1975 A938
Buildings: Newling: Rooms G49 & G49a: memoranda, 1987 A1271
Bylaw (post-1984) A1265
Bylaw with text of the C.A.E. Act 1975 A1398
Description Accession number
Cameron, Mr Bruce: Scholarship and course materials various institutions, 1964 A1173
Chalk and Cheese Centre for Education Studies:nos.107-111, 115-117, 1988 A1054
College Anthem with music A1175
College Medals (14) A1074a
Colleges:Plans for work on Smith House, Newling House, A.T.C. 1952-82 A1396
Colleges: Smith House: organisation proposals, 1988 A1268
Committee minutes (various), 1974 - 1989 A807
Communique A989
Contact: Alumni newsletter for ACAE & ATC A1202
Contact: copy for publication, 1988 A795
Council: business papers A1084
Council: minutes, 1975 - 1989 A1080
Course Development News, 1987-89;DES News, 1988 A1318
Description Accession number
Dates for 1987 - 1988 A1272
Delegations of Authority (list), 1986 A1063
Description Accession number
Elphick, E.S., and Gilbert, L.: Forty Three and Seven: a short illustrated history of the first fifty years of teacher education in Armidale A1067
Enrolment and course records, 1982 - 1988 A1343
Equal Employment Opportunity Management Plan: reports, 1986-88, policies and procedures for dealing with grievances, Oct., 1988 A1263
External teaching guides for staff A1027
External Studies Newsletter May 1985-Oct 1989 A1348
Description Accession number
Forty Three and Seven: a short illustrated history of the first fifty years of teacher education in Armidale Elphick, E.S., and Gilbert, L A1067
Description Accession number
General Store Transactions, 1987 (microfiche) A1068
Gilbert, Dr Lionel: papers on Higher School Education A1033
Graduation: Invitation to the 1988 Ceremony A1201
Graduation Programmes, 1979, 1985, 1987-98 & Admission Ceremony programme 1987 A1062
Description Accession number
Handbooks and Calendars, to 1989 A828
Health, School of: Second Nursing Forum, August, 1988 (official souvenir) A1147
Higher Education Board submissions, 1977-1986 A847
Description Accession number
Learning and Teaching in the CAEs A1261
Lecturers' Association: papers A859
Library: photograph of library building A1079
Local and Applied History: staff and student photographs A873a
Local and Applied History Associate Diploma: to the N.S.W. Higher Education Board, 1982, 1987 A1282b
Local and Applied History Diploma 1980s: correspondence, memos, results, funding A1036
Logo (proposed amalgamated) A1217
Description Accession number
Minutes, store books, budgets 1978-1991 A1026
Mouth Piece Students' Representative Council newsletter: Nov.1987 A1316
Multi-cultural Studies: Programme outlines, 1973 - 1988 A1091
Description Accession number
Occupational Health and Safety Committee: asbestos reports no. 1-3, and minutes of special meeting of the committee 16/11/1987 A1264
Occupational Health and Safety Committee: memorandum from Registrar on smoking, 1988 A1273
Occupational Health and Safety Committee: minutes and memoranda, Dec., 1983 - Nov., 1984 A1278
Description Accession number
Papers, reports and memoranda, 1975 - 1991 A827
Principal's Advisory Committee: records, 1979 - 1983 A1018
Printed Materials Sub-Committee: Report, c.1980 A1057
Properties Committee: Business Papers, 1987 - 89 A1200
Description Accession number
Reference manual for External Teaching A751


Description Accession number
School of Health: 2nd Nursing Forum, Aug, 1988 (official souvenir) A1147
Social, Cultural and Curriculum Studies Dept.: various papers A1253
Social Science Education Dept.: papers A975
Staff::Academic:Cameron, Mr Bruce: Scholarship and materials, various institutions, 1964 A1173
Staff: Academic: Gilbert, Dr Lionel: papers on School Education A1033
Staff files, 1928 - 1989 *RESTRICTED A1101
Staff Leave: Professional Experience Leave reports, 1987 - 1988 A1269
Staff members (?) photographs A795b
A9: Staff: Teather,Dr David appointment as Deputy Principal 1984 A805
Staffing:Industrial awards files A1073
Staffing questionnaires and Tertiary Education Commission (1978) report on study leave A1170
Stationery 1928-1988 A738
Student photographs A777
Student correspondence, c.1985 - 1990 A795a
Description Accession number
Teaching practicum records, 1980 - 1988 A1341
Triennial Submission for 1988 - 1990 A1266
Description Accession number
Universities and Colleges Admissions Centre: User's Manual A1350
Update, 1988 - 1989 A1317