Exhibitions in the Library

Dixson Library provides the venue for exhibitions from the UNE Art Collection, the Heritage Centre and selections from other University Collections. Exhibitions can be viewed during normal opening hours.

Vere Chamberlain: Vignettes of an Armidale Life

25 January – 23 June 2017
Level 2, Dixson Library

The life of Vere Chamberlain is explored through the archival collection of the Heritage Centre and her book collection, donated by a family friend to the Museum of Education. The Chamberlains arrived in Australia in 1888, settling at Armidale in 1889. Vere Chamberlain (1897–1989) attended the Superior Public Infants School and the Girls Superior Public School.  She earned several prizes donated by local businesses for her academic achievements in school. From 1916 to 1931, Vere worked at Mallam & Co, a local Chemist and Bookseller, as a bookkeeper. This exhibition is curated by Carol Corless as part of a WORK300 subject towards a Bachelor of Historical Inquiry and Practice.

Never on Sunday: Sabbatarian Literature of the Long Nineteenth Century

25 January – 23 June 2017
Level 2, Dixson Library

This exhibition considers two Sabbatarian authors and their didactic writing. Mrs. Sherwood and Mrs. Barbauld convey strong messages that promote ideas characteristic of Evangelicalism, such as the requirement to acknowledge one's moral depravity and seek redemption through the worship of God. The framed works illustrate the moral lessons promoted through Sabbatarian literature. A focus display examines the literature at the local level through the Mackenzie and Everett families of Ollera. This exhibition is curated by Rachel Hinton as part of a WORK300 subject towards a Bachelor of Historical Inquiry and Practice.

Wright College 60th anniversary

29 September 2016 – 26 March 2017
Learning Commons, Dixson Library

Wright College was designed and named after the Wright family in 1956 and the first students took up residence in 1958. It was conceived on the Oxbridge model as a community of scholars comprising academics and postgraduate and undergraduate students sharing a corporate life. Initially a men’s college, Wright College admitted women residents from 1974.The College successfully forged its own distinct and robust manifestation of collegiate life until its closure in 1998. This, however, was not the end of the story for in 2015 Wright College sprang into being once more as UNE’s most modern student residential complex.

Come Up and See Our Etchings

21 October 2016 – 5 February 2018
Learning Commons, Dixson Library

Etching, as a printmaking technique, was developed in the 1500s with Dürer, van Dyke and Rembrandt among the earliest etchers. In Australia etching enjoyed a revival in the early 20th century thanks largely to artists such as Lionel and Norman Lindsay and Sydney Ure Smith. The UNE Art Collection holds dozens of etchings donated in the early days of University and its predecessor institution, the Armidale Teachers’ College, by significant benefactors such as Sir James McGregor, Miss Mary White and Dr Elsie Dalyell. A rotating selection of these etchings will be on display at Dixson from October 2016 to February 2018.

Martha Simpson and the Montessori Method

8 August 2016 – 6 March 2017
Stairwell Showcase, Dixson Library

Martha Simpson (1865-1948) was a reforming teacher who worked in the NSW public school system.

In 1913 she was sent by the NSW Department of Public Instruction to Italy to study Maria Montessori’s methods of infant education. Dr Montessori’s pedagogy was revolutionary for its time and involved treating children as individuals and giving them increased control over the learning process.

In 1914 Martha Simpson published a book on the Montessori method and how it had been implemented at Blackfriars School in Sydney. This publication was highly influential in promoting Montessori ideas throughout Australia.

The exhibition will draw on the UNE Museum of Education’s collection of Martha Simpson memorabilia and early Montessori apparatus.

Homo Floresiensis 'The Hobbit'

Ongoing exhibition
Learning Commons, Dixson Library

A tiny, new human species discovered in 2003 at Liang Bua cave on the island of Flores by UNE researchers, their Indonesian counterparts and local Mangarri people. See the sculpture re-creation depicting what the 'Hobbit' might have looked like.

Selections from the UNE Gift Collection

Ongoing exhibition
Dixson Library

A rotating selection of gifts presented over the years to the University by its many international educational, research and community partners.