University Library staff

Senior Management and Administration

Blanca Pizzani Acting University Librarian 1992
Tanya Simmons Executive Officer 2166
Merilyn Edgar Acting Associate University Librarian (Client Services) 1893
Ebe Kartus Acting Associate University Librarian (Scholarly Resources) 1905
Mollie JacksonAdministration Assistant5459

Business Services Group

Belinda Moore Manager    2787
Peter McGregor Finance and Administration Officer 2219
Rachel Devenish-Meares Communications, Quality and Projects Coordinator 3817

Learning and Teaching Advisory and Engagement Services Group

Celia Munro Senior Learning & Teaching Services Librarian 2957
Mike Affleck Learning & Teaching Services Librarian 5983
Michelle Coxsen Learning & Teaching Services Librarian 1842
Jessica Fitzgerald Learning & Teaching Services Librarian 1767
Jane Lally Learning & Teaching Services Librarian 5484
Annette Messell Learning & Teaching Services Librarian 1843
Crystal Brunyee Customer Services Officer 2448
Graham Cuskelly Customer Services Assistant 3292
Lucy Fullerton Library Assistant 3750

Research Advisory and Engagement Services Group

Merilyn Edgar Library Research Manager 1893
Tracy Bruce Senior Researcher Services Librarian 1876
Eleanor Colla Researcher Services Librarian 1844
Pauline Jenkins Researcher Services Librarian 3393
Gabrielle Lamb Researcher Services Librarian 3697   
Gilbert Meyns Researcher Services Librarian 3603
Allison Brown Senior Research Publications and Data Librarian 4207
Thomas Reeson Research Data Librarian 5989
Twyla Fergusen-Edwards Research Outputs Officer 3015
Sura Alani Research Outputs Assistant  

Information Resources Management Group

Lisa Russell Electronic Resources Officer 2207
Martin Hyson Electronic Resources Officer 3286
Anne Fletcher Information Resources Assistant 2677
David Green Information Resources Assistant 5097
Boryana Mihaylova Information Resources Assistant 2698

Information Resources Access Coordination Group

Trini Angeles Information Resources Access Librarian 1726
Simone Bahsen-Wright Information Resources Assistant 2184
Ian House Information Resources Assistant 1610
Jude Stott Information Resources Assistant 5027

Library Content and Discovery Group

Ebe Kartus Library Content and Discovery Manager 1905
Virginia James Senior Data Quality and Metadata Librarian 1902
Cameron Barnes Library Discovery and Web Services Administrator 2533
Noelene Egan Library Content and Discovery Administrator 3230
Craig Stainton Library Content and Discovery Administrator 3552


Berenice Scott Senior Copyright Advisor 3227

Cultural and Teaching Collections

Narelle JarryCurator, Cultural and Teaching Collections 1024

Archives and Heritage Centre

Bill Oates University Archivist 6565
Ian Stephenson University Curator 6566
Michael McIlveen Collections Officer 6556
Philip Ward Archives Officer 6462