Zoology Museum

The Zoology museum was established in 1969 as a teaching museum with displays primarily designed to support the teaching of the Zoology department's own students. The displays stress form, anatomy, taxonomy and evolutionary relationships within all of the major Zoological groups and include several fine sequences of associated fossils. In the foyer, there is also a display of old instruments used in the study of animals and animal tissues.

Most of the common Australian animals are displayed and the New England region is well represented. Of particular interest to the general public are the animals that are venomous and dangerous to humans. Most of these are displayed with a red marker by the name.

We have had an extensive exchange program with overseas institutions, principally university zoology departments and natural history museums, resulting in interesting specimens from other countries.

There are specific displays on:

  • evidence for evolution
  • evolution of the chordates
  • trends in primate evolution (including human evolution).

In addition evolutionary trends are stressed in many of the other displays and extensive use is made of fossil casts to indicate ancestral conditions.

Time periods are shown in most cases but more detailed geological time scales are located next to the display on the Protists (Precambrian faunas and first living forms); in the foyer (first appearance of major animal and plant groups) and in the museum (vertebrates).

Anyone is welcome to visit the museum, and entry is free of charge. Teachers proposing to make use of this facility need firstly to make a booking and perhaps visit the museum beforehand to work out a study schedule for the class to use on its visit. Due to space limitations, numbers should be limited to 25. Guided visits for more senior students with specific interests can be arranged by appointment.

Opening Hours: 9:30am - 4.30pm weekdays

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