Frequently Asked Questions - Visiting Academics & Non Academics

What are the UNE Schools contact details?

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Who can be a Visiting Academic at UNE?
  • Individuals of distinction and/or international standing to become associated with the research, scholarship or teaching within a School/Centre
  • Individuals who have practiced a profession with distinction or have had particular success in consulting, professional practice, business or community leadership to provide strategic value to the University; and/or
  • Individuals whose appointment will bring valuable reputation, relationship and technical resources to the University to aid its research and teaching endeavours.
How do I become a Visiting Academic at UNE?

Refer to Visiting Academic - Process, Forms and Templates for full detail.
The UNE Academic contact should complete the form and templates listed here in conjunction with the appropriate School administrative staff.

How long can a Visiting Appointment be for at UNE?

No longer than twelve months.

How will I find out whether my application for a Visiting Academic position has been approved at University level?

A letter confirming invitation and sponsorship obligations will be emailed to the address you provide on the application form, by the appropriate School. This letter is a required attachment for your visa application and also contains terms and conditions for your signature.

What happens if my nomination is not approved by the School?

There is no right of appeal, and the application will go no further.

What do I do with the terms and conditions in the confirmation letter?

You will be required to sign the terms and conditions specific to your appointment and return to the appropriate School, along with a copy of your passport for University records.

Do I need to complete any other templates before the Application for a Training and Research visa, research stream - form 1402 is submitted?

Yes, you will need to get your place of employment to complete the Letter from place of employment template to submit as an attachment with form 1402.

What form am I required to complete for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection?

You will be required to complete form 1402

What attachments do I need to submit with the Application for a Training and Research visa – research stream, form 1402?

Please refer to the Visa Documentation checklist.

What do I do when form 1402 has been approved by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection?

Provide the approval the appropriate School at UNE.

Who will inform HRS at UNE to finalise the appointment?

The appropriate School will send all documents to HRS, who will then finalise the appointment.

How long will my paperwork take to process, after being sent to HRS?

Your paperwork will be processed within 10 business days, once paperwork is submitted to HRS, from the School. HRS will inform you via email when the appointment has been finalised.

How do I know what my staff number is?

When your visa has been confirmed, and you have notified the School, an email will be sent to you from HRS providing your staff number.

How do I get access to my email?

The School will supply you with a New IT Account Registration Request for staff form – this form needs to be completed and taken to Dixson Library Service Desk, Level 2 in Dixon Library (C31), or submitted via This will give you online access and a @une email address. If you have any queries, please contact IT Service Desk - +61 (2) 6772 5000 or email.

What facilities will I have access to in a Visiting Academic position?

This is dependent upon the resources of the School who has nominated you. Heads of School will ensure that access to UNE facilities is provided at their discretion. If you have certain expectations and requirements for your role, you must discuss this with the School directly to come to an appropriate arrangement.

Do you keep a copy of my paperwork?

HRS will keep a copy of your paperwork as an electronic document.

Can I cease my appointment early, if necessary?

Yes, HRS at UNE is able to cease the appointment early upon a request by the School where the appointment is held. If you wish to cease your appointment you should contact the appropriate School in the first instance.