Honorary Appointments

Honorary Associates, Adjunct & Clinical Appointments

Honorary Associates - recent UNE doctoral postgraduate who agrees to continue to contribute to research, scholarship or teaching for the benefit of the University.

Adjuncts - individual who has achieved recognition in an area of the teaching and research program of the discipline, commensurate to the relevant Academic Classification Standard.

Clinical Appointments - individuals who hold a relevant non-academic position which has a clear academic element. Appointees may be external medical-related professionals.

Processes, Forms and Further Information

Visiting Academics/Non-Academics & Occupational Trainees

Please contact HR Services directly regarding appointments for Visiting Academics and Occupational Trainees due to significant Immigration changes from November 2016.

Visiting Academics & Non-Academics - individuals who are associated with another institution and who are carrying out functions at the University in research, scholarship, teaching or other activities with the endorsement of their institution.

Occupational Trainees - current students in an overseas institution or recently graduated students, formally invited to obtain structured workplace training to enhance a person's skills and promote capacity building overseas.

Processes, Forms and Further Information

Agent/Seconded Staff

These individuals are not direct employees of UNE, agent/seconded staff are remunerated for their services to UNE and are therefore ineligible for Honorary status. As they require access to general UNE systems, they will be set up on the UNE system as Agent/Seconded staff. The following form should be completed and emailed to Human Resource Services.

Please direct any enquiries to Human Resource Services via email to hr-services@une.edu.au or by calling 6773 3705.