Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation)


Mediation is an informal, problem solving process in which a neutral person (a mediator) helps people with a dispute come together to reach an agreement everyone can live with.

Community Justice Centre (CJC) mediation is run by impartial, trained mediators.  The mediators don't take sides, or make a decision about a dispute.  Their role is to make sure each person has a chance to have their say, keep the discussion on track, and help you come to an agreement wherever possible.

Mediation is:

  • Free
  • Voluntary (both parties must agree to mediation)
  • Strictly Confidential
  • Independent
  • Conducted either  face-to-face in a venue near you or over the phone
  • Culturally sensitive
  • More likely to preserve the relationship between you and the other person/s

Mediation treats all information provided by participants within the terms of the relevant privacy responsibilities.

If you believe your concern or issue may be resolved through mediation, then alternative dispute resolution may be a suitable option.

How to commence Mediation

Lodge your online Complaint Form via AskUNE with the Student Grievance Unit.  Clearly state that you wish to undertake mediation as part of your complaint. If mediation is a suitable option and the other party agrees, the SGU will refer your case to the CJC for mediation.

When your form has been submitted, your complaint will be acknowledged within one standard business day of receipt.  A late Friday or weekend submission will result in a Monday or next business day acknowledgement.

For further information click here CJC or call the Student Grievance Unit on  Ph (02) 6773 4260