What is an Internship?

An internship is a 'hands on' experience in the work place that is a directly related to the theory you have learnt in your studies. As a student, you will normally apply for internships that are of interest to you and where you may possibly want your career voyage to start. Most formal internships in Australia are held over the Summer Vacation period, some are even titled 'Summer Vacation Work'.

Many Australian employers who offer internships use the experience to assess your abilities in the workplace in relation to what you have studied and then recruit directly into the organisations Graduate Program. This is an advantage that many other graduates do not have. 

How can I find an Internship?

Career Development posts information about internships on the UNE Career Development LinkedIn page. But, you can search for your own internship through doing searches on the internet, or cold canvassing employers you would like to work for.

Benefits of a completing an Internship?

The benefits of successfully completing an internship may include:

  • developing your employability skills and knowledge
  • gain an understanding of an industry or a role
  • an insight to office/business politics; 
  • being employed and paid
  • possible completion of formal training opportunities
  • having a supervisor that may become your mentor and referee;
  • an addition to your resume of real, paid work; and
  • the beginning your business network. 



If you are an employer and have an internship opportunity for UNE students, please go to the For Employers webpage for more information.