The UNE Residential System provides accommodation for approximately 1800 undergraduates and postgraduates students, as well as accommodation and conference facilities for short-term visitors, conference delegates and those attending seminars and related activities.

UNE Residences

What's so great about college life?

  • The opportunity to make friends for life
  • Support and mentorship — our Residential System fosters a supportive environment to enhance your academic success and future employment.
  • The ultimate lifestyle — with a variety of social and cultural events
  • An 'inbuilt' community — with an instant network of friends and support
  • Great opportunitiesget involved with clubs, community projects, sport, and professional experiences
  • Convenience — live in the heart of the action with easy access to classes and campus services
  • Great setting — our Armidale campus is truly unique
  • More choices — a variety of options for traditional catered accommodation, independent living, or a combination of both.

Accommodation Forms

The following forms are useful for residents wishing to advise change in their circumstances:

UNE Accommodation Agreements

The following provides relevant information on the terms and conditions associated with residency in a UNE Residential College.

Each section provides a general overview of the key elements and offers downloads of detailed documents for closer review.

We'll be happy to address any questions you have through the AskUNE link at the right of this page

In addition to these overall terms, each College will have specific rules, guidelines or requirements outlined within.

Accommodation Agreement

When you commence your residency in a UNE Residential College, you will be asked to acknowledge your agreement to a binding arrangement between you and the University of New England.

The Agreement is made between the University of New England (UNE) and the Occupant in accordance with the associated Terms and Conditions of the UNE College Accommodation Agreement.

The Agreement applies to all residential colleges owned and operated within UNE Residential Services on its Armidale campus.

Residential Code of Conduct

All UNE Residential Colleges operate within a common set of guidelines and rules concerning conduct of their residents. 

The detailed Residential College Code of Conduct contains the rules of the Residential System and the expected standards of behaviour for all residents in all Colleges.

The Code addresses acts of behavioural misconduct including the following:

  • Abuse, threats, intimidation, coercion, deceit or other conduct (whether by physical, verbal or electronic means),
  • Conduct involving acts or threats of violence, harassment, intimidation, discrimination or racial vilification,
  • Conduct that causes material damage to or constitutes unauthorised use or misuse of University or College property or the property of other College Members,
  • Influencing or attempting to influence another person to commit an act of Behavioural Misconduct,
  • Any conduct that breaches College Rules (see below),
  • Any form of criminal activity, or action(s) that may lead to such activity,
  • Disorderly or indecent conduct, breach of peace, or aiding, abetting or procuring another person to breach the peace on College or University Premises or at activities (including excursions) sponsored by, or participated in, by the University.

College Rules address expected standards of and limits to residents' behaviour in the following areas of College life:

  • Maintenance and respect for the good reputation of your College
  • Respect for privacy
  • Initiation and hazing
  • Respect for staff and student leaders
  • Maintenance of good order in the operations of the College
  • Alleged illegal activity
  • Prohibition on firearms & dangerous weapons
  • Policy on use of alcohol and smoking
  • Prohibition of drugs

There are various levels of sanctions for breaches of this Code up to an including Exculsion from all Colleges and potential referral to the University or relevant legal authorities. Residents have access to appropriate review and appeals processes in order to protect the application of natural justice.

While this Code applies to all residents, each residence may apply additional rules specific to their situation.

Admission Guidelines

In the consideration of applications and offering of a place for residence within a Residential College, UNE applies specific priority and preference according to the following guidelines. An outline of the process is provided below.

The detailed policy for the handling of different categories of accommodation is also available for download in printable form.

Students enrolled at UNE applying for accommodation over the full academic year will be given priority and preference for places at all UNE Colleges. Readmission for returning UNE enrolled students is not automatic and is subject to meeting the criteria outlined below:

  • Academic commitment throughout the previous Academic Year, including attaining satisfactory   academic results (minimum of 50% pass on full unit load);
  • Financial responsibility in meeting commitments as set down in the Fees Schedule;
  • Positive contribution to, and participation in, the life of the College;
  • Personal conduct as outlined by the College Rules and Residential System Code of Conduct.

A UNE residential college reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse applications and is under no obligation to disclose reasons for such refusal.

The application for Admission to Residence for long term stays applies the following process:

  1. All applications for residence are made online.
  2. Returning Residents must apply before the closing date specified in the table of Residential
  3. Principal Dates, in order to be considered prior to the Admission process for Commencing Residents. Applications made before this closing date will not be required to pay the application fee.
  4. A Returning Residents application will be invalid when there are outstanding fees on the account. The Returning resident will be required to reapply and pay the application fee when the outstanding debt has been paid.
  5. 4.Returning Residents who do not meet the application criteria and are required to Show Cause will only be considered for readmission if there are still vacancies after Commencing Residence applications have been finalised.
  6. A Commencing Resident is required to pay a non-refundable application fee.
  7. A Commencing Resident application will be considered after they have been offered a place
  8. or enrolled at UNE.
  9. The Agreement periods applicable to long term stays are:
    1. Academic Year including vacations;
    2. Academic Year excluding vacations and an
    3. AcademicTrimester.

Intensive Schools

Our residential colleges also offer short-term accommodation for students that are required to attend on-campus intensive schools. If you are looking for accommodation during your stay, you may wish to consider this option.

To make a booking visit residential services.

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