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Alerts published by Australian Government Department of Communication and the Arts

Date: 20 Oct

Beware of phishing emails with attachments

Published date: 20/10/2017

Scammers are good at recycling tried and true techniques to trick you into providing personal information. But there is one...

Date: 17 Oct

Flaw in Wi-Fi connections leaves users vulnerable to attacks

Published date: 17/10/2017

This means attackers could steal sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, photos, chat messages and emails.The vulnerability, which...

Date: 12 Oct

New AFP traffic infringement scam

Published date: 12/10/2017

These widely circulated fake emails look convincing at first glance, but the subject line ‘Your info about violation is now...

Date: 13 Sep

Beware of targeted AFP, e-Toll and AusPost malware emails

Published date: 13/09/2017

Update: Similar malware emails which claim to be from the AFP and ‘AFP support’ are also being distributed. It is...

Date: 07 Sep

Multifaceted email ransomware campaign currently underway

Published date: 07/09/2017

The first method uses a fake email that claims to be from eBay, with a common subject line ‘Your invoice...

Date: 31 Aug

12.5 million Australian email accounts leaked online

Published date: 31/08/2017

The email addresses of 711 million people have been published online, and include those of 12.5 million Australians. The personal...

Date: 22 Aug

New guidelines for creating strong passwords

Published date: 22/08/2017

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued new guidelines for password security that turn accepted wisdom...

Date: 15 Aug

Spam scare campaign targeting email addresses

Published date: 15/08/2017

A spam scare campaign is targeting email addresses, in which the attacker claims to have embedded a virus in adult...

Date: 03 Aug

Increase in online credit card fraud

Published date: 03/08/2017

Online credit card fraud increased significantly in 2016 with criminals netting $417.6 million, up from $363 million in 2015. The...

Date: 28 Jul

Google releases security update for Chrome

Published date: 28/07/2017

Google has released Chrome version 60.0.3112.78 for Windows, Mac and Linux. This version addresses multiple vulnerabilities that, if exploited, may...