About the program

The Vice-Chancellor's Scholar program aims:

  1. to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our most academically high-achieving students at UNE
  2. to reward them by providing unique opportunities for academic and professional development
  3. to provide a well-publicised incentive to all students to aspire to achieve outstanding academic results.

UNE's Strategic Plan emphasises the need to "encourage an academic environment in which teaching and scholarly output is valued and recognised". This is what the Vice-Chancellor's Scholar program aims to do. It will nurture and support Vice-Chancellor's Scholars in a variety of ways and send them out to work or further study with recognition and reward. UNE has many entry pathways for students and it doesn't matter how or when you decide to study. If you work hard and do well we will recognise and support your efforts to help you achieve even more by providing unique opportunities for academic and professional development.

To be eligible to be a Vice-Chancellor's Scholar a student will be enrolled in a Bachelor's Degree and will have completed a minimum of 24 cps at UNE. The student will have achieved a GPA of 6.7 across the whole of their course to date. All units taken at UNE (including Advanced Standing units) which count towards the student's course will be taken into account in the calculation of the GPA. Vice-Chancellor's Scholars are identified at the end of Trimester 1 each year and they remain a scholar for a period of 12 months.

Scholars are enrolled in the Vice-Chancellor's Scholar Moodle portal which gives further information and updates on Vice-Chancellor's Scholar activities.

As a Vice-Chancellor's Scholar you will receive:

  • acknowledgement in a letter signed by the Vice-Chancellor
  • a Vice-Chancellor's Scholar certificate
  • recognition by having your achievement added to your Academic Transcript
  • recognition by being listed on an Honour Roll on the Vice-Chancellor's Scholar website
  • the opportunity to apply for the Vice-Chancellor's Scholar Engagement and Academic Development Awards
  • the opportunity to participate in special events.