OSSE300/500 International Study Tours

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The UNE Business School International Study Tours

The UNE Business School is offering students exciting opportunities to participate in two (2) UNE Business School International Study Tours in Trimester 2 and 3 2017. A Study Tour is an “immersion experience”, to introduce you to the cultural and business environment of a nation which plays a key role in the global economy and in particular for Australia. In carefully tailored programs, selected students will explore cultural diversity, business networking and development opportunities in these dynamic and rapidly developing economies of Australia’s biggest trading partners.

These Study Tours will ensure that you no longer see these global economies as a bundle of dry statistics; rather you will begin to see it through a cross-cultural lens. It would be safe to say that you will find these Study Tours a changing experience - not just in your views about your chosen destination, but in your perceptions of Australia and its ability to engage with our neighbouring countries.

Each Study Tour will be undertaken as part of either OSSE300 or OSSE500 (Overseas Study Experience) and will involve academic assessment. To ensure that you are eligible to study the unit you must consult with your Course Coordinator. For information about OS-HELP funding to assist in the cost of the Study Tour, follow the links.

The two (2) Tours being offered are:

1. Indonesia Study Tour for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students “Exploring Australian and Indonesian Agribusiness” (10 - 24 June 2017): Led by Dr Tony Ramsay (aramsay5@une.edu.au)

Over 14 days students will experience the diversity of Indonesia, which is one of our closest and most important trading partners. With rich soils and natural resources, Indonesia has a thriving agricultural industry. Our tour navigates over the four islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali, and Lombok. We start in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, which is not only Indonesia’s most populous city but also the world’s most populous island. Here we will be briefed by trade officials at the Australian Embassy. Our tour includes visitations to a feedlot, rice plantations, palm oil projects and irrigation systems. With Indonesia enjoying such a rich and deep culture, any tour would be remiss not to visit the ancient temple of Borobudur in Java and the unique and vibrant arts of Bali. Whilst the tour is agriculturally focused, any student with a sense of adventure and a desire to appreciate cultural difference will gain enormously from this study experience.

Tour Cost: Approximately $4500 per person (twin share accommodation) which includes international airfares (ex-Sydney) and travel in country, meals and all activities. See OS-HELP funding available (undergraduate students only).

2. China Business Study Tour for Undergraduate Students “Global Business Innovation” (29 October - 9 November 2017): Led by Dr George Chen (gchen2@une.edu.au)

Over 14 days you will see the astonishing wealth that has gravitated to the centres of Tier One Chinese cities like Beijing, Zhengzhou, Xian, and Shanghai. The business of food will be at the forefront of the Study Tour with business visits exploring food production, retail and the finance sector. To balance the scale of production and displays of economic wealth, you will also be introduced to a working-class Shanghai suburb, one of the first suburban development projects of the Communist government in the 1950s. You will walk along the Great Wall, see Chairman Mao’s portrait in Tiananmen Square and travel a 1000 km on China’s 15,000 km High Speed Rail network.

Tour Cost: Approximately $4885 per person (twin share accommodation) which includes international airfares (ex-Sydney) and travel in country, meals and all activities. See OS-HELP funding available (undergraduate students only).

Who can apply?

1. Undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in any degree through the UNE Business School, School of Environmental and Rural Science, School of Arts or School of Humanities.

2. Students who are eligible to enroll in OSSE300 (or ECON339) or OSSE500 in T1, 2017.

Financial Assistance

* Undergraduate students are able to apply for OS-Help Assistance for the cost of the tour. Conditions apply.

Please DO NOT apply for OS-HELP after a formal invitation email  was sent to you following the conclusion of the Interview process in mid-May.

Find further information on how to apply for an OS-HELP loan

Important Dates:

Students note that due dates for the Indonesia tour have been extended by 1 week.

Application Process Important Dates
Applications Open 20 February 2017
Indonesia Applications Close6 March 2017   13 March 2017
China Applications Close26 April 2017
Interviews - Indonesia13 - 15 March 2017*   20 - 22 March 2017
Interviews - China

11 - 12 May 2017*

*(Interviews will be conducted by telephone, face to face or Skype)

Students notified of outcome - Indonesia17 March 2017     24 March 2017
Students notified of outcome - China19 May 2017
Deposits Due - Indonesia23 March 2017   30 March 2017
Deposits Due - China30 June 2017
Final Payment - Indonesia20 April 2017
Final Payment - China30 August 2017

Conditions of Application

  1. Students must depart Sydney and return to Sydney as members of the UNE group. In cases where students live interstate, we will endeavour to take suitable  flights from interstate capitals into account, as long as these flights to not interrupt the group schedule. Additional costs may be involved and Helloworld Armidale and Geotours Australia will discuss options  with relevant applicants.
  2. Students will be covered by UNE’s travel insurance for the duration of the study program ONLY, taken from departure from home city, to return home city.  Any additional personal  travel (which must be approved by your course coordinator) will require additional private travel insurance.
  3. Students must abide by UNE’s Statement of Standards and Expectations for Student Participants in Overseas Programs (the form you sign as part of the application is a record of your agreement to abide by these standards).
  4. Approved students must abide by the deadlines for payment  of  deposits , final payment and visa fees (if applicable), as stated on the booking form.
  5. Students must hold or obtain a valid passport, valid for at least  6 months beyond the return date to Australia, and provide a colour photocopy to both Helloworld Armidale and Geotours Australia, no later than 8 weeks prior to program departure from Australia.
  6. Visas may be required for travel, and applicants will be advised of visa requirements. If required, visa application forms will be provided by Helloworld Armidale/Geotours Australia. Students will be required to meet the cost of visas, as well as any processing and  courier fees.
  7. Students will also be responsible for seeking appropriate medical advice for travel to the countries concerned, as well as  any subsequent  vaccination or other medical  costs.
  8. Students will be required to complete a travel application form prior to acceptance. It is expected that a minimum level of fitness be required for the study programs.
  9. Students must be enrolled in a unit of study OSSE300 (or ECON339) or OSSE500.
Application Form (PDF)
Application Form (Word)

Send the completed form, with attached résumé and names, addresses and contact telephone numbers of two referees to Mrs Rachel Cameron, Senior Administrative Assistant, UNE Business School.