Our Staff

Head of School
Professor Lloyd Weekslweeks2@une.edu.au 02 6773 3982

Academic Staff

(alphabetically by Discipline or Academic Organisational Unit)

Melanie FilliosLecturer
Martin Gibbs Professor and Convenor of ARPA
Peter Grave Associate Professor
Mark Moore Senior Lecturer
Lloyd WeeksProfessor and Head of School
Charlotte Marie CablePost Doctoral Research Fellow
Kristina FrankePost Doctoral Research Fellow
Classics and Ancient History
Matthew Dillon Associate Professor
Bronwyn Hopwood Senior Lecturer and Master of Arts Course Coordinator
Greg Horsley Professor
Clemens Koehn Lecturer
Sarah Lawrence Lecturer and Discipline Convenor
Tristan TaylorLecturer

Research Fellow

Dr Anna Silvas

Matthew Allen Lecturer
Lorina Barker Senior Lecturer
Howard Brasted Professor (Co-Course Coordinator for BHINQ)
Thomas A Fudge Professor (Chair, Teaching & Learning Committee)
Brett HolmanLecturer
Erin Ihde Lecturer (Academic Misconduct Officer)
Thomas KehoePostdoctoral Research Fellow
Andrew Piper Lecturer
David Roberts Associate Professor (Course Coordinator for BHistInq&Prac and MHist)
Richard Scully Associate Professor (Chair, Research Committee)
Janis Wilton Associate Professor (Course Coordinator for AdvDipLocFam&AppHist; GradDipLocFam&AppHist and MHist)
Nathan Wise Senior Lecturer (Discipline Convenor)
Indigenous Studies
Belinda Beattie Lecturer and Bachelor of Arts Course Coordinator
Julie CollinsLecturer
Islamic Studies
Howard Brasted Professor
Peace Studies
Marty Branagan Lecturer and Convenor
Bert Jenkins Senior Lecturer
Helen Ware Professor
Rebecca Spence Senior Lecturer
Philosophy and Religion
Sandy Boucher Lecturer
Arcady Blinov Senior Lecturer
Mun-Keat Choong Lecturer
Matthew Dillon Associate Professor
Tony Lynch Senior Lecturer
Lesley McLean Lecturer
Adrian Walsh Professor and Convenor
Politics and International Studies
Tim Battin Senior Lecturer and Discipline Convenor
Tony Lynch Senior Lecturer
Karin von Strokirch Senior Lecturer (Course Coordinator for BIntStuds; BILS)
Asia-Pacific Centre
Howard Brasted Co-Director
Helen Ware Co-Director

Professional Staff

Assistant to the Head of School
Shirley Rickard Administrative Assistant to Head of School
School Manager, Resources and Administrative Services
Claire Girvin School Manager, Resources and Administrative Services
Academic Manager
Trish Wright Academic Manager

Student Support

Jennifer Vaughan First Year Advisor (Office of PVC Academic)
Technical Officer
Kimberlee Newman Senior Technical Officer
Administrative Assistants
Gina Butler Senior Administration
Melissa Pearce Administration
Sharon Marshall Administration
Tim Harris Educational Support Officer
Learning Designer
 Learning Designer for Arts and Humanities

Emeritus Staff

Adjunct Staff

Adjunct Staff

Adjunct profile pages

Adjunct Professor Randall Albury

Adjunct Associate Senior Lecturer John Appleton

Adjunct Senior Lecturer John Atchison

Adjunct Professor Paul Barratt

Adjunct Lecturer Carol Baxter

Adjunct Associate Professor Wendy Beck

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Arcady Blinov

Adjunct Associate Lecturer Robert Bostock

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Randy Bowers

Adjunct Lecturer Scott Charlesworth

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Sarah Colley

Adjunct Associate Lecturer Anne Coote

Adjunct Junior Research Fellow Morgan Disspain

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Brad Duncan

Adjunct Professor Peter Forrest

Adjunct Professor Michael Fox

Honorary Associate David George

Adjunct Associate Lecturer Albrecht Gerber

Adjunct Associate Professor Luke Godwin

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Robert Gunn

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Richard Jones

Adjunct Professor Lisa Kealhofer

Adjunct Professor David Kent

Adjunct Lecturer Ross Lamont

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Darrell Lewis

Adjunct Associate Lecturer Robin Lowry

Adjunct Research Fellow Michael Maccheroni

Adjunct Lecturer Jack Maebuta

Adjunct Associate Professor Bill McDonald

Adjunct Associate Lecturer Roger Mehr

Honorary Associate Lecturer Katherine Moignard

Adjunct Lecturer Coral Montero Lopez

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Alan Mugridge

Adjunct Associate Lecturer Saira Orakzai

Adjunct Professor James Page

Honorary Associate David Ress

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Malcolm Ridges

Adjunct Senior Lecturer David Roe

Adjunct Professor June Ross

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Anna Silvas

Adjunct Lecturer Babette Smith

Adjunct Associate Professor Greg Stanton

Adjunct Lecturer DB Subedi

Adjunct Associate Lecturer Victor Taylor

Honorary Associate Anneke Van Mosseveld

Adjunct Associate Lecturer Margaret Vivers

Adjunct Associate Professor Pam Watson

Adjunct Associate Professor George Weisz

Adjunct Lecturer Edith Ziegler