Course Updates

Below are links to summaries of changes to courses for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017. 2018 Course Updates will be progressively published. You can use this information to see what the changes have been and the implications for you as a continuing student.

Foundation Studies

Advanced Diploma in Arts

Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies

Advanced Diploma in Local Family and Applied History

Advanced Diploma in Nursing

Advanced Diploma in Science

Advanced Diploma In Special Education And Disability Studies

Advanced Diploma in The Sciences

Associate Degree in Agricultural Production and Management

Associate Degree in Agrifoods Systems

Associate Degree in Teaching Pacific Focus

Bachelor of Accounting

Bachelor of Advanced Chinese Language and Business Studies

Bachelor of Agribusiness

Bachelor of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Bachelor of Agricultural Production and Management

Bachelor of Agriculture

Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Agrifood Systems

Bachelor of Animal Science

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching

Bachelor of Audiometry

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Teaching

Bachelor of Chinese Language and Business Studies

Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

Bachelor of Communication Studies

Bachelor of Community Services

Bachelor of Computer Science

Bachelor of Computer Science/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Criminology

Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Ecology

Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary)

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching)

Bachelor of Education (In-Service Conversion)

Bachelor of Education (K-12 Teaching)

Bachelor of Education (K-6 Teaching)

Bachelor of Education (Pacific Focus)

Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Bachelor of Education (Secondary Arts)

Bachelor of Education (Secondary Business)

Bachelor of Education (Secondary Mathematics)

Bachelor of Education (Secondary Music)

Bachelor of Education (Secondary Science)

Bachelor of Educational Studies

Bachelor of Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Environmental Science

Bachelor of Environmental Science/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science

Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Clinical Exercise Physiology)

Bachelor of Financial Administration

Bachelor of Financial Administration/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Financial Services

Bachelor of Financial Services/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of GeoScience

Bachelor of Health Ageing and Community Services

Bachelor of Health Practice

Bachelor of Health Practice/Bachelor of Community Services

Bachelor of Historical Inquiry and Practice

Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Teaching

Bachelor of International and Language Studies

Bachelor of International Studies

Bachelor of Languages

Bachelor of Languages and International Business

Bachelor of Laws (3 Years)

Bachelor of Laws (4 Years)

Bachelor of Livestock Science

Bachelor of Mathematics/Bachelor of Teaching

Bachelor of Media and Communications

Bachelor of Medicine

Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Teaching

Bachelor of Natural Resources

Bachelor of Natural Resources/Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning

Bachelor of Nursing

Bachelor of Organisational Leadership

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours

Bachelor of Plant Science

Bachelor of Professional Studies

Bachelor of Psychological Science

Bachelor of Psychology with Honours

Bachelor of Rural Science

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Teaching

Bachelor of Scientific Studies

Bachelor of Social Science

Bachelor of Social Work

Bachelor of Special Education (Primary)/Bachelor of Disability Studies

Bachelor of Sports Science

Bachelor of Sports Studies

Bachelor of Sustainability

Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

Bachelor of Theatre and Performance

Bachelor of Theatre Studies

Bachelor of Training and Development

Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning

Bachelor of Zoology

Diploma in Agriculture

Diploma in Arts

Diploma in Business

Diploma in Community Welfare and Wellbeing

Diploma in Educational Studies

Diploma in Indigenous Archaeology

Diploma in Modern Languages

Diploma in Music Skills

Diploma in Music Technology

Diploma in Professional Communication

Diploma in Prosecution and Advocacy

Diploma in Science

Diploma in The Sciences

Diploma in Town Planning

Bachelor Honours

Graduate Certificate in Accounting

Graduate Certificate in Acute Care Nursing

Graduate Certificate in Agriculture

Graduate Certificate in Applied Economics

Graduate Certificate in Applied Leadership in Positive Education

Graduate Certificate in Applied Linguistics

Graduate Certificate in Arts

Graduate Certificate in Business

Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education and Teaching

Graduate Certificate in Disability

Graduate Certificate in Education Studies

Graduate Certificate in eLearning

Graduate Certificate in Environmental Science

Graduate Certificate in Financial Services

Graduate Certificate in Health Management

Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

Graduate Certificate in Information Technology

Graduate Certificate in Management

Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Practice

Graduate Certificate in NDIS Business Development

Graduate Certificate in Precision Agriculture

Graduate Certificate in Public Accounting

Graduate Certificate in Science

Graduate Diploma in Accounting

Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Economics

Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics

Graduate Diploma in Counselling

Graduate Diploma in Counselling for Health and Social Care

Graduate Diploma in Disability

Graduate Diploma in Economics

Graduate Diploma in Education

Graduate Diploma in Financial Management

Graduate Diploma in Financial Services

Graduate Diploma in Health Management

Graduate Diploma in Health Science

Graduate Diploma in Humanities

Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies

Graduate Diploma in Local, Family and Applied History

Graduate Diploma in Management

Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Practice

Graduate Diploma in Planning and Management of Natural Hazards

Graduate Diploma in Psychology

Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced)

Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting

Graduate Diploma in Science

Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning

Juris Doctor

Master of Applied Anatomy by Dissection

Master of Applied Leadership in Positive Education

Master of Applied Linguistics

Master of Applied Linguistics with Honours

Master of Applied Theatre Studies

Master of Arts

Master of Business

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Research

Master of Clinical Leadership

Master of Commerce

Master of Commerce (Public Accounting)

Master of Commerce (Professional Accounting)

Master of Computer Science

Master of Counselling

Master of Economic and Regional Development

Master of Economic Studies

Master of Economics

Master of Education

Master of Environmental Advocacy

Master of Environmental Science and Management

Master of Financial Services

Master of Health Management

Master of Health Science

Master of History

Master of Information Technology

Master of Information Technology (Business)

Master of International Business

Master of International Health Management

Master of Laws Coursework

Master of Leadership

Master of Mental Health Practice

Master of Natural Resource Governance

Master of Natural Resources

Master of Nursing

Master of Nursing Practice

Master of Planning and Management of Natural Hazards

Master of Professional Accounting

Master of Professional Accounting and Business

Master of Professional Psychology

Master of Psychology (Clinical)

Master of Science in Agriculture

Master of Scientific Studies

Master of Social Work (Professional Qualifying)

Master of Strategic Organisational Development and Human Resource Management

Master of Sustainability

Master of Teaching (Primary)

Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Master of Training and Development

Master of Urban and Regional Planning