Since the Graduation Ceremony is held outdoors, graduands may bring as many guests as they wish. Guest seating is not reserved.

Disabled and elderly guests may be dropped off (and collected) at the disabled parking bay near Booloominbah. Safety & Security personnel will be available to assist these guests. As a graduand, to arrange for your disabled or elderly guests to have access to this drop off service, please contact the Graduation Team via AskUNE so that we can arrange to provide your name (i.e. the graduand's name) to Safety & Security personnel. Your guests will just need to mention your name to personnel and they will be allowed to drive up closer to Booloominbah. Please note that this is a drop off point only and that parking is not permitted at Booloominbah.

Guests must remain in the guest seating area, and are not permitted to be in the area reserved for graduating students, official UNE photographers, graduation staff, and/or other official guests.