Before Graduation

Step-by-Step Guide to the Graduation Process

If you expect to successfully complete your studies in Trimester 2 2016, you should receive an email to your UNE address in early October advising that you are being assessed for graduation eligibility for the March/April 2017 round of ceremonies.

Check that you are being assessed for the correct course, that the correct majors and unit sets will appear on your graduation documents, that your legal name is spelled properly, and that your mailing address is current.

Important note: there is a difference between 'home' and 'mailing' address, so please double-check your mailing address.

If you do not receive an email to say you are being assessed, but believe you may be eligible, you can complete the Graduation Eligibility Assessment Form.

Important note: You do not need to complete this form if you have received an invitation to graduate (i.e. an email confirming you are eligible to graduate) to your UNE email address.

Graduation eligibility will be confirmed after final grades are released.

If you are eligible, an invitation to graduate will be emailed to your UNE address shortly after this.

Invitations to the March/April 2017 Graduation Ceremonies will be sent from mid November 2016 to late January 2017.

Please assist us by promptly responding to this invitation.

Follow the instructions on the invitation to advise us if you are attending or not attending.

Login to myUNE > myEnrol > My Graduation Ceremony and follow the steps.

Sometimes, after you access My Graduation Ceremony, you might see a message that says:

"The cut-off date has passed..." or "You have not been allocated to any Graduation Ceremonies..."

If the cut-off date has not passed, it means that the database has not attached you to a ceremony number, and this is very simple for us to fix – just contact the Graduation Team via AskUNE.

Do you or one of your guests require special assistance at the graduation ceremony?

Just let us know when you respond to the invitation and a member of the Graduation Team will contact you to discuss your needs.

Alternatively, you can contact the Graduation Team via AskUNE.

Don't forget to hire/buy your academic dress through UNE Life.

This is different to letting us know that you are attending and is handled by a separate department, so make sure you do both!

If you change your mind after the response cut-off date has passed, or if you want to check to see if/how you responded, you won't be able to access your My Graduation Ceremony information online through myUNE any more.

Don't worry about this - just contact the Graduation Team via AskUNE and let us know.


Unable to attend your ceremony?

If you were unable to attend your ceremony, your graduation documents will be posted to you. This process takes at least four weeks after the graduation ceremony has taken place. Please ensure that your mailing address is current.

Don't forget to join UNE's Alumni Community after you graduate.

Got a question about Graduation? Contact the Graduation Team via AskUNE.