Options under $200pw

This list shows all of your options under $200. These prices relate to differing accommodation types, inclusions, and contract lengths, which you should take into account in comparing prices. For full information, refer to the related college pages. Alternatively, you can view the options by contract.

All rates are per week.

College Room Contract term Meal Package Room Meals Weekly
Wright Village 8 bedroom Full year N/A (self catered) $153.30 - $153.30
Wright Village 8 bedroom 40 weeks N/A (self catered) $171.50 - $171.50
Wright Village 6 Bedroom Flat Full year N/A (self catered) $172.20 - $172.20
Earle Page Standard Room 44 weeks N/A (self catered) $175.00 - $175.00
Mary White Standard Room - self-catered Full year N/A (self catered) $184.10 - $184.10
Wright Village 6 Bedroom Flat 40 weeks N/A (self catered) $189.70 - $189.70
Austin Standard Room 41 weeks N/A (self catered) $192.50 - $192.50
Wright Village 4 Bedroom Flat Full year N/A (self catered) $197.40 - $197.40
Wright Village 8 bedroom Bridging N/A (self catered) $199.50 - $199.50

Prices and content are correct at time of publication, 31 Aug 2017 (E&OE)

Contract Details

  • All contract options are subject to availability.
  • All college residents require an academic gown for formal dinners and other activities.  First year residents collect an academic gown during orientation week.  The academic gown charge ($110 incl GST) is placed on the resident's account.
  • Extensions to arrival date and departure date on these contract options may be possible on request at the same contracted nightly rate.
  • 2018  contracts cannot be extended past the 3 January 2019. Requests for extension of stays may require you to move to another residence during the November to January period.
  • The opening and closing dates for the processing of applications for different accommodation contract options are required to meet the minimum time frame for the contract.
  • Applications for accommodation for stays of less than 8 weeks can be made through the casual student online portal.
  • Cancellation Fee is $2200 for Wright College and $1100 for all other UNE Residences.
  • Other sundry charges may apply during the residency, for incidentals including:
    • Cleaning
    • Key/Card replacement
    • Damage to, or removal of college property
    • Fire alarm activation
    • Failure to complete check out process
    • Overstaying contracted residency
    • Room transfer
    • Lock out
    • Disciplinary breaches.