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Resident Fellows

Chantelle Cooper Photo

Chantelle Cooper

Senior Resident Fellow

The vast number of social, sporting, academic and leadership opportunities within Mary White along with the college's willingness to embrace the individuality of residents with different personalities and interests has greatly contributed to my continued residency here.

Degree/s: Bachelor of Medicine

From: Port Macquarie

Resident since: 2015

I have represented Mary White in netball, volleyball and water polo. Through my role as Resident Fellow in 2016, I contributed to the organisation of social events such as the Mary White College Masquerade Ball, Valedicts Dinner and assisted with the Parents Weekend Cocktail Charity Ball.

Lisa Raymond

Resident Fellow

I Love the vibe at Mary White - Upbeat, bubbly and very supportive! It has allowed me to blossom and glow through ample opportunities providing endless benefits. As an RF, i'll listen to your stories, help you whenever you need help and motivate you every second of the day.

Degree/s: Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology

From: Port Macquarie

Resident since: 2015

Women’s representative for Unity Soccer and a gym class fanatic at SportUNE.

Danielle Lenton Photo

Danielle "Elle" Lenton

Resident Fellow

Mary White College is a home away from home, the people become family and you make so many life long friends. The calm and relaxed atmosphere creates the perfect blend of social life and study.

Degree/s: Bachelor of Education: K-12 Teaching

From: Casino, NSW

Resident since: 2015

I was a representative for the college in the Sir Frank Kitto competition in 2016; which involved events such as theatre sports and small music ensemble. I am an avid reader, classic movie fan and theatre enthusiast.

Emma Stilinović Photo

Emma Stilinović

Resident Fellow

I find few things more exciting and enriching in life than knowing that I belong to a fun, balanced and accepting community full of amazing people.

Degree/s: Psychology Honours

From: Tumbi Umbi

Resident since: 2016

I love meeting new people and spending time with my friends. I am obsessed with photography, travel, literature, logic puzzles and anything arts and crafty. If you can’t find me I’ll probably be in town at a martial arts or ballet class, semi lost somewhere in nature on horseback, or in the Psychology Department helping with some new research.

Lachlan "Lachie" Brown

Resident Fellow

The best thing about Mary White is the supportive, open and accepting environment that helps you achieve your goals and really grow as a person.

Degree/s: Bachelor of Medicine

From: Coffs Harbour

Resident since: 2016

I play soccer, volleyball and love going to the gym!I have played the cello for 8 years. I attend the church at uni, St Marks, and a leader of Christian Med Bible Study.

Loren "Loz" Buckley

Resident Fellow

Remember...most of your stress come from the way you respond, not the way life is. Adjust your attitude, think positive vibes.

Degree/s: Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours

From: Nambucca Heads

Resident since: 2016

I am 20 Years old and am currently studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours at Mary White College. I chose Mary White College for its excellent approach to ensuring a balanced College life. I also enjoy hiking, camping, music, adventuring, studying and and everything University life has to offer. Family is very important to me and i have a great relationship with them all including my energetic labrador Bella.

Jonathon Moase

Resident Fellow

Mary White College has allowed me to meet and live with a fantastic range of people while conducting my studies in an atmosphere which promotes both academics and a healthy social life.

Degree/s: Bachelor of Economics/Laws

From: Woolgoolga, NSW

Resident since: 2015

I have been involved in representing Mary White College in the inter-collegiate sports competition as well as community involvement around Armidale such as volunteer work for the Companion Animal Shelter.

Academic Mentors

Jemima Moss Photo

Jemina "Jem" Moss

Academic Mentor

'Believe you can and you're halfway there'- Theodore Roosevelt

Degree/s: Bachelor of Arts

From: Gunnedah

Resident since: 2015

My interests include studies in ancient history, politics, learning languages and playing sports such as netball and volleyball.

Joshua Bemrose Photo

Joshua "Josh" Bemrose

Academic Mentor

Being so close to the university and having dinner prepared for you five nights a week means that finding the motivation to attend classes and study is much easier.

Degree/s: Bachelor of Education (Secondary Arts)

From: Grafton

Resident since: 2016

I have a passion for English, the Indonesian language and culture, history, and religion, choosing these as my teaching majors.I also enjoy public speaking and, as sad as it sounds, studying. If I am not studying, sleeping or eating, you will see me at the Stro.I am the third member of my entire family to finish high school and the first to study at university. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I hope to continue into honours and (possibly) masters.

Molly Northcott  Photo

Molly Northcott

Senior Academic Mentor

Coming to Mary White College has been one of the greatest things I've ever done. It has such an inclusive atmosphere and there are so many fun activities and events that cater to everyone. Mary White has always been successful in facilitating and supporting learning and achieving one's goals.

Degree/s: Bachelor of Historical Inquiry and Practice

From: Melbourne

Resident since: 2014

I was a 'Fresher Rep' in my first year, and an SFK rep in my second year, and I take great pride in being an active participant in the events and activities of my college. One of my favourite events is SFK, partiularly the poetry/ short story, theatre sports and public speaking. However, I also have a go at most MB events. I am a huge lover of animals and have experience volunteering for the RSPCA and Armidale Animal Shelter.

Ursula Cooper Photo

Ursula Cooper

Academic Mentor

Degree/s: Bachelor of Medicine - JMP

From: Wooli

Resident since: 2016

Disha Katiyar Photo

Disha "Dish" Katiyar

Academic Mentor - Medicine

I really enjoy living at Mary White College - it's a great place to try new things, make great friends and have a good time, all in a very supportive and friendly environment.

Degree/s: Bachelor of Medicine (JMP)

From: Brisbane

Resident since: 2015

Rachel Hughes

Academic Mentor

I have found Mary White College to be a fun and supportive community where students are not only encouraged to achieve their best in their academic studies, but to achieve a good study/life balance.

Degree/s: Bachelor of Biomedical Science

From: Lennox Head

Resident since: 2015

I have a great interest in science and have joined UNESSTA, this year. I enjoy reading, music, art and swimming.

Kate Cahill

Academic Mentor

College is the place you go to leave your family, only to make more.

Degree/s: Bachelor of Agriculture

From: Brisbane, QLD

Resident since: 2016

I am a member of the outdoor adventure club, Girl Guides and volunteer at Saumarez homestead, helping with the gardens. I have lived in on campus Uni accommodation for the past three years now (although only one of those at Mary White).

Catherine Walther

Academic Mentor

Living in college has taught me so many valuable skills.

Degree/s: Bachelor of Nursing

From: Bathurst, NSW

Resident since: 2016

While at university, I have participated in Sir Frank Kitto and Mary Bagnell competitions, the university's choir, church activities and local hockey fixtures. In my spare time, I enjoy playing piano and chatting with friends.

Junior Common Room

Nicholas "Nick" Lyall

JCR Treasurer

Degree/s: Bachelor of Business

From: Bobs Farm

Resident since: 2015