Two female students sitting in an Earle Page college room that has been decorated with bright colours, picture frames, and wall stickers..
Earle Page College Crest with college motto


EPC offers single bedroom/study rooms, with BBQ areas, courtyards, and 2 music rooms

Catering details
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Earle Page College Crest with college motto


EPC residents eat 5 dinners per week in the dining hall, with access to a brand new communal kitchen

Catering details

Earle Page College crest, with motto "Each Prove Himself"Earle Page College

With a vibrant community of nearly 300 residents, we are a busy place with something always going on. Our close-knit community means we have an exceptionally strong support structure embedded in everything we do, and that we operate more like a big family than a residential college.

Earle Page College may have a reputation as UNE's 'cultural college', but it far more than that. Sure, we have unique facilities such as two music rooms, an upright piano, a grand piano located in the dining hall…and yes, we are the only college to produce an annual musical, however our front lawn sports, our Annual Coast Run and our tight-knit floor culture are the reasons we believe that EPC is for everybody.

Another highlight is our annual Politics Dinner — a guest speaker is invited each year to talk on a topical issue as part of the event. Recent speakers include The Hon. Barnaby Joyce (Deputy Prime Minister), and Senator the Hon. Penny Wong (Leader of the Opposition in the Senate), and former PM Malcolm Fraser.

Our new community garden will give residents an opportunity to get their hands dirty, learn about composting, worm farming, and vegetable gardens. Not to mention shaping a piece of the college for future generations.

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