Earle Page

Earle Page College is a non-denominational residential college housing 295 students. The college is well known for its attractive grounds and buildings, but we believe our greatest strength is the people who make up our community - the students and staff. Earle Page has a vibrant community of people actively engaged in sporting, cultural activities and community services.

Earle Page accommodation rates for 2015 have been reduced to $199.50 per week. This is a reduction of $83.50 per week.

Meet Kelly, an Earle Page student studying a Bachelor of Social Work

We've been providing a home to UNE students for more than 50 years, with an active and enduring alumni community.

Our College members enjoy participating in a range of activities, which allow them to enjoy friendships and the growth that comes with engaging in a peer or team environment. We are a College known to be strong in the Arts, but we are home to students from all academic disciplines. 

Our residents enjoy the benefits of well organised academic and pastoral support offered by student leaders and staff. There are also several student committees that are uniquely 'Page', allowing the College to present a range of leadership opportunities to suit the varied interests of our members. 

We also offer our residents the benefit of strong community links through both our fundraising activities and events that engage the community with us.