Duval College

People have asked me if I am homesick yet. I respond "why would I be homesick when I am already home"

- Karina B,  1st Year, Bachelor of Criminology, 2016 Commencement Dinner

Duval College is a non-denominational residential college that can house up to 215 students. One of the oldest colleges on campus, Duval has a strong history, built on tradition, spirit and pride. Unlike many other colleges, Duval provides secure gated grounds, and is designed with small, familiar floors of up to 8 people.

Duval College CourtyardDuval College isn't just a place to live whilst you study, it facilitates your your personal and intellectual growth. It is a lifestyle, a family, and a community. It's a home away from home, that facilitates freedom to be yourself and provides an opportunity to explore all of your interests and passions. Never again will you have so many friends in one place, so much academic and pastoral support, and so many activities at your doorstep. Duval residents pride themselves on being able to achieve academically, while balancing other activities, for a well-rounded lifestyle.

Duvalians have a wonderful opportunity to participate in a Professional Development and Leadership Enhancement Program.  This program is designed to develop a broad range of knowledge and skills to enhance your university experience and give you the edge in your transition from study to a professional career.

After leaving my family and friends for O' week, I never thought I would see the day when I actually didn't want to go home.

- Julia T, Medowie: Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Law.

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