Drummond and Smith College will not be taking new applications in 2016.

Drummond and Smith College has a proud history dating back to 1969. UNE is committed to the reopening of Drummond & Smith College if viable application numbers can be reached.

UNE acknowledges the ongoing contribution and legacy of Drummond and Smith students. This will be recognised through the establishment and funding of an ongoing award or scholarship. Drummond & Smith alumni are also invited to remain involved in upholding the Drummond and Smith legacy. UNE continues to work with Drummond and Smith stakeholders to ensure all relevant memorabilia are adequately archived for the future.

For any immediate concerns about future accommodation of current D&S students, please contact drummond.smith@une.edu.au. However, to provide additional feedback or comments on the closure of Drummond & Smith or its legacy into the future, please contact Peter Creamer Chief Services Officer via cso@edu.au.