Drummond and Smith

Drummond & Smith College is a non-denominational, co-residential College which houses up to 200 students. Our beautiful courtyard helps provide students with enjoyable and safe study surroundings.

While living at Drummond & Smith College students will have the opportunity to engage in a number of exciting activities, many of which will help them build friendships and skills that will last for many years to come. Our college accommodates students from all academic disciplines and is committed to helping them flourish in all their endeavours, with guidance from our dedicated academic and pastoral support staff. 

Drummond & Smith fees - 2015 weekly room rates have been reduced to $199.50 per week. This is a reduction of $83.50 per week. 

students at Drummond and SmithDrummond & Smith College will be your new 'home away from home'. You will live in a safe and supportive environment which enables you to strive for academic achievement whilst thoroughly enjoying your time at University.


Contact Us

You can find, mail or phone us at:

Drummond & Smith College, Elm Avenue, UNE, Armidale NSW 2351

(+61) 02 6773 6700