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Austin has 288 single study bedrooms, shared bathrooms, a music room, and a bar.

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Austin College Crest


Our dining hall is a commercial cafe, where residents get 5 dinners per week, plus access to communal kitchens.

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Austin College

Austin College Crest with motto, Through Living We Learn

Austin College is a vibrant and welcoming residential college open to students from a variety of backgrounds. At Austin, we pride ourselves on the respect we hold for each college member's individuality. Austin students have become known for their 'give it a go' approach to life and for seeking out the many opportunities that present themselves throughout their years in college.

We encourage everyone to get a good balance. You need to study, but you also need to have fun, have time to relax, and enjoy sporting and cultural pursuits. Austin College will provide you with a comfortable and supportive environment and a variety of facilities to enrich your college experience. Social, sporting, cultural and academic needs are balanced at Austin, with activities organised to cater to all interest groups, and academic and pastoral support provided by student leaders.

Austin offers single study bedrooms, with shared bathrooms, and options for accessible accommodation. We have our own bar, and our dining hall functions as a commercial cafe.

Austin College fosters talent in all areas, and has a particular flare for the arts. Whether your talents lie in Music, Painting, Writing, or Theatre, Austin has a range of activities and events to suit you. Our Head of College initiated the UNE Chamber Music Ensemble, and the Austin Small Music Ensemble performs regularly throughout the year.

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