Annual Tax Appeal

Your Gift Can Make A Difference

As tax time approaches, we're calling on our alumni to help make a positive difference to UNE students.

Mandy AtkinsonRecently we had the pleasure of hearing from Mandy, a graduate and former scholarship recipient who is out in the workforce having completed her double law degree. Mandy was the recipient of a donor funded scholarship aimed at supporting Indigenous students throughout their studies at UNE.

Had it not been for my donor and the scholarship I wouldn't have been able to go to uni and ultimately finish my double law degree.  Having come from a low socioeconomic, single parent family, this generous support allowed me to stay on campus and experience university life to the fullest. It also allowed me to purchase necessary textbooks and other study materials. These are expenses that I or my family would not have been able to afford otherwise.

Mandy’s story is a great example of how generous donors such as yourself can change lives through the provision of scholarships. Many students come to UNE from disadvantaged backgrounds or are perhaps the first in their family to pursue a tertiary education. Scholarships can open doors and allow these students to pursue dreams they did not think possible.

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