We understand that engaging with UNE needs to be meaningful to you, a value add, and at the same time helps to advance the mission of the University.

You can engage with the university through your involvement with a current student, a prospective student, helping someone to be graduate, a career opportunity or connecting with your fellow alumni.

If you are passionate about inspiring new generations of UNE students, there is something you can share with us: your story. If you'd like to share your story, please get in contact with us via the My Story form.

We are eager to work with you to align your volunteerism with an activity that is most meaningful to you. Contact the Office of Advancement to talk about your engagement opportunities.

If you'd like to update your alumni contact details to ensure you receive alumni news, events and information, please complete the online form.

Business mentoring sessionMentoring

Mentoring can assist a student in preparing for a career by connecting them with an industry mentor. As a mentor, you'll provide guidance and advice to a student on making the transition from university life to the full-time workforce. Additionally, mentors can work with existing students who are currently employed full-time, but who are enhancing their professional opportunities by taking course via UNE's online offerings.

Serving an as Intern Mentor takes the mentorship to the level of providing relevant work experience (internship) in addition to serving as mentor or placing a student into an existing company internship program.

Register for the 2017 School of Law Mentoring Program. To be eligible for the program, mentors must have completed a law degree and be employed.

Guest speakerFemale speaker at international graduation ceremony

Do you have a story tell that is compelling or are an expert in your profession?

All current students benefit from learning from those that can speak from direct experience. Serving as a speaker can take place over lunch with a few students, in a classroom, at a formal event or even via a webinar.

Host an event

Is your home, office, or private club suitable for hosting an alumni and key UNE stakeholder event?

Guests at a table talking at an UNEevent Engagement is about connecting people to add value to their personal and professional aspirations. Hosting an event brings UNE alumni together to hear from an outstanding UNE researcher or listening to a leadership story from an individual who is influential in their respective fields can be a great way to give back to UNE.

View the details of up coming events.

Affinity Reunions

Are you able to help organise an affinity reunion?

Volunteering to re-connect with former class or room mates can be a great experience down memory lane and help the university re-engage with alumni.

Event Photo Galleries

Events are held throughout the year and photos may be viewed on our Flickr account.