UNE People

We understand that engaging with UNE needs to be meaningful to you, a value add, and at the same time helps to advance the mission of the University. You can engage with the university through your involvement with a current student, a prospective student, helping someone to be graduate, a career opportunity or connecting with your fellow alumni.

If you are passionate about inspiring new generations of UNE students, there is something you can share with us: your story. If you'd like to share your story, please get in contact with us via the My Story form.

Kimberley Scott graduated from UNE in 2011.

Ben Deverson
Ben Deverson
graduated from UNE in 2002.

Dr Jacqueline Parry
Dr Jacqueline Parry graduated from UNE in 2009.

Claire Chaffey
Claire Chaffey graduated from UNE in 2006.

Gina Milgate
Gina Milgate graduated from UNE in 1999.

Neil Fergus
Neil Fergus graduated from UNE in 1984.

Susan Rix AM
Susan Rix graduated from UNE in 1982.