Council Members

UNE coat of arms


Mr James Harris

Deputy Chancellor

Ms Jan McClelland

Official Members

Professor Annabelle Duncan

Professor Nick Reid

Members appointed by the Minister

Ms Meredith Symons

Mr David van Aanholt

Members appointed by the UNE Council

Mr Russell Evans

Mr Robert Finch

Ms Rosemary Leamon

Ms Anne Myers

Ms Jan McClelland

Members elected by Academic Staff

Professor Margaret Sims

Member elected by General Staff

Mr Charles Hebblewhite

Members elected by UNE Graduates

Dr Jack Hobbs

Dr Robyn Muldoon

Member elected by Students

Ms Catherine Millis

Contact details:

All members of the UNE Council can be contacted via staff at the UNE Secretariat, or as follows:

Phone:  +61 2 6773 3445