Legal Office

Legal and Governance helps the University to make informed decisions and manage risk.

The Legal Office provides legal advice and services to the senior executive, academic and administrative staff on:

  • negotiating, drafting and reviewing agreements, MOUs and deeds and processing them for signature by the appropriate UNE delegate;
  • intellectual property;
  • interpreting and applying University policies, procedures and guidelines;
  • interpreting and applying legislation including the University of New England Act 1993 (NSW) and By-law 2005;
  • instructing external lawyers and mediators;
  • dispute resolution;
  • litigation;
  • subpoenas.

The Legal Office does not provide legal advice to staff on personal matters or to students.

All agreements, MOUs and deeds (including variations to these documents) must be sent to the Contracts Officer for processing before signature so that Legal Office can, amongst other responsibilities:

Check that the terms and conditions of the agreement are acceptable to UNE

Ensure that the appropriate UNE delegate signs the agreement

Ensure that the signed agreement is placed on UNE's Contracts Register

The Legal Office reports to the Chief Legal and Governance Officer.

The Legal Office can be contacted at

Legal Office Forms

Any agreement, MOU or deed that is in final form and ready to be signed by the UNE delegate must be sent to the Contracts Officer along with an Authority to Sign Agreement Form (ATSA).

The ATSA is an instruction to the Legal Office that an agreement, MOU or deed has School and Faculty or Directorate approval and is ready to be signed by UNE. It is a risk management procedure to make sure UNE does not sign unapproved, draft or incorrect agreements, MOUs or deeds.

There are two ATSAs. One for contractor agreements for goods and services, the other for research, UNE consultancy and other agreements (that are not contractor agreements for goods and services).

The ATSA must be completed by the person with operational responsibility for the agreement and signed by that person and the Head of School, Director or equivalent. It contains a series of questions that must be answered and, where it requests attachments, those attachments must be with the ATSA or the ATSA will be returned to the officer for completion.

Please contact the Contracts Officer if you have any questions about the ATSA or process of having agreements, MOUs or deeds signed by UNE.

Authority to Sign Agreement (Contracts for Goods, Services, Lease or Property Transfer)

Authority to Sign Agreement Research, UNE Consultancy and other Contracts

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